How to check if someone took a loan for me?

When in our mailbox or email we find a request to pay or a reminder to take out a loan we do not know about, it means that we have a problem. We should take care of him immediately. And for the future, it is better to check from time to time whether a fraudster has taken credit from us. How? We write about it in the article.

If we lose the evidence – the risk of someone taking a loan from us

If we lose the evidence - the risk of someone taking a loan from us

If we happen to lose evidence or realize that someone has stolen it from us, we must implement procedures very quickly to protect us from fraudsters. It may happen that someone takes a loan for me and then it takes much longer to clarify the matter and can cause real problems. What should I do to ensure that nobody makes a commitment on my evidence ?:

  1. Notify law enforcement authorities, i.e. the police or prosecutor’s office, that the evidence has been lost or stolen
  2. Go to the commune or city office for the office to issue the relevant certificate of loss of document.
  3. If someone has already taken a loan from me, please write to the lender an appeal enclosing documents confirming this fact.

How do I check if someone has taken a loan from me?

How do I check if someone has taken a loan from me?

When we feel that something is wrong with our commitments, e.g. we receive strange requests for payment, unclear e-mails requesting repayment of installments or SMSes reminding about payments, it is a sign that something is wrong. To protect myself from such a situation that someone takes a loan on me, I can immediately take steps that will properly protect my financial situation.

First of all, you should look into your credit history at the Credit Information Bureau. There, we will be able to see if there are any suspicious obligations that we did not incur. Another way is to reserve your ID card, which is the most important document so desirable by credit scams.

Another accurate solution would be to set up a profile in the National Debt Register and constantly monitor the situation. Alerts at the Credit Information Bureau are the last increasingly popular tool. If you want to take a loan (not through us), we will receive information to react.

How to protect documents so that the scammer does not take a loan on me?

Just remember about the basic rules to protect yourself so that nobody would take a loan for me. The basic rule is to protect our documents and data above all else. This can be done in different ways. In many places where we register, e.g. for an overnight stay, in order to rent a car or bicycle, they ask us to show proof.

Let’s try to avoid it. To confirm your identity, we can show you a passport that also confirms your identity. But it has one important advantage – you can’t use it to commit it. Another important rule is not to send a scan of evidence or to provide photocopies to anyone.

We also try not to provide our data, especially from proof, to people who call us with surveys, offers, etc. We should also remember that under no circumstances should you throw away any documents that would display our data in the bin before they were destroyed.

What information is needed to get a loan?

What information is needed to get a loan?

We should ask ourselves which information is crucial so that someone can take out a loan for me? The answers will be different, depending on where you want to use additional financing in the form of credit. Will it be a bank or a non-bank institution, e.g. a loan and credit company. Banks always expect more. In addition to the ID card details, we will need to provide a monthly income statement and, in addition, submit many additional documents.

However, in the case of non-bank institutions, it is enough to provide basic information. Minimum information is a huge advantage of applying for additional financing in loan and credit companies. But at the same time a huge threat to our personal data, which so few expect. Because a thief is enough to get this minimum to get a loan.

Summary – what to look for to protect yourself from credit fraudsters?

Summary - what to look for to protect yourself from credit fraudsters?

If we want to feel safe, let us care for our documents. Do not take them with you wherever it is not necessary – especially in the case of ID card. If we make it easier for the fraudster to take a loan on us, the road to explaining this fraud will be quite long and troublesome, especially for us.

We will have to prove that we did not incur obligations, not the thief who has extorted financing for our personal data. Remember to be extremely cautious. And if we have already been affected by such a situation, then it is worth setting up profiles and accounts in the institutions we wrote about above to permanently monitor our credit situation.