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Tomb Raider Trilogy, a new video game absolutely free on the Epic Game Titles Store how to get it on pc

The Epic Online Games store is offering its new free match as part of the Christmas campaign in the store. This 7 days the Tomb Raider trilogy is decided, which will take approximately from Salt and Sanctuary. The Adventures of Lara Croft, produced by Crystal Dynamics, will be available at no extra cost until January […]

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Shacknews Best PC Game of 2021 – Halo Infinite

The Halo franchise has a not-so-secret history of troubled PC launches. Look no further than the nearly unplayable launch of The Master Chief Collection as proof of that. When we learned that Halo Infinite would be launching on PC simultaneously with Xbox systems, we were understandably cautious. With that in mind, it was a pleasant […]

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(SONY), Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) – 8 video game stocks to watch in 2022: Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and more

The video game industry cooled slightly in 2021, against rising sales figures in 2020 driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. Several big game outings were delayed in 2021 and were postponed. Here’s a look at some of the video game stock investors I envision by 2022. Sony Corp: Console manufacturer and video game company Sony Corp […]

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Metro GameCentral Video Game Awards – Best of 2021

What games and materials deserve an award in 2021? (photo: Microsoft) GameCentral celebrates the best graphics, music and storytelling of 2021, as well as the format of the year and the worst game ever. The full effects of the pandemic are finally being felt in the video game industry, as new titles begin to see […]

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NoxPlayer mobile games emulator adds voice chat

NoxPlayer Adds Free Live Voice Chat The NoxPlayer Android emulator has a brand new voice chat feature at version This feature called OnMic allows players to chat live while playing on PC and even join public clubs to find teammates. NoxPlayer’s OnMic feature is free for all users. Players can create or join a […]

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Biggest video game news of the week (December 18)

You might think that a week ending Christmas Eve wouldn’t really be filled with video game news, well, you’d be a little right. Along with all of those gearing up for Christmas Day and all the big launches already in the market, the focus has been on Spider-Man: No Way Home and The Matrix: Resurrections. […]

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The Evil Dead Cast reunites with Bruce Campbell in upcoming video game

A full meeting of Diabolical death will be part of Evil Dead: The Game. Scheduled for release on PC and consoles in February, the upcoming video game lets players work together to take on the Deadites. At the forefront, Bruce Campbell lends his voice to Ash Williams and gives fans the opportunity to ease the […]

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Steam Winter Sale Kicks Off With Incredible PC Game Deals

Score great matches without breaking the bank. It is easy to score video games at a reduced price. You just have to be patient and wait for them to appear. Over time, the price of games will eventually drop. Everything outside of Nintendo’s proprietary versions will usually drop after a few months. So those games […]

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Free PC game on December 22, 2021 already unveiled again

Once again, famous leaker Billbil-kun revealed Free PC game for Epic Games Store today, or from 22 December 2021. The video game we can claim in a few hours is Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a strategy adventure game that combines turn-based combat in XCOM with a […]