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10 horror movies that need a video game adaptation

The horror community received some exciting news during Gun Media’s announcement, the team behind Friday the 13th: The Game, has teamed up with Sumo Nottingham to bring us a game based on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Horror fans are excited to hear this, as Gun’s team pulled it off Friday game which was cut short due to the F13 legal battle. This news got fans thinking, what other horror movies are worth having video game adaptations? Horror is hands down the most creative genre, and here are 10 movies that I think should get the video game treatment.

1. Seen

puzzle horror

While Saw actually received two video games in 2009 and 2010, horror fans feel the true potential of a Saw-based game was far from being exploited. In recent years, companies like Quantic Dream have popularized the choice-based system in games, which means what the player chooses to do throughout the game has an impact on the story. Saw Would benefit greatly, as making tough choices is such an important part of movies. Players can play as Victims or as Jigsaw as they work their way through an original story. Lionsgate announced that they are in negotiations to make another Saw game, but so far no major development is known.

2. Hell

hell horror

Clive Barker’s Hellraiser remains one of the most inventive and disturbing horror films of all time. Horror fans always keep this movie high, and rightly so. There is a Hellraiser reboot underway at Hulu, which would make this a perfect time to bring Pinhead and his Cenobites into the gaming world. The mere thought of level design would be enough to make this game a bestseller. Add survival gameplay with terrifying creatures and the game sells itself to horror fans. There were plans for a Hellraiser game released on NES in 1990, but it was canceled early on. It’s time for Pinhead to switch to PC and console games.

3. Halloween

Halloween against screaming

The idea of ​​a Halloween the game may look similar to F13 game, and in some ways it would. There is one key difference between Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees that would make the gameplay different, the stealth. Stealth is somewhat present in the Friday movies as well as gambling, but hiding and hitting your prey is one of Michael Myers’ key moves. Imagine a game with gameplay similar to Alien: isolation but with The Shape stalking you. Michael appears in Death by the light of day, but it deserves its own full-fledged game. A game like this would make Michael Myers even scarier than he already is.

4. The shiny

HBO Max Horror

A horror game about players slowly losing their sanity in The Overlook Hotel seems like the ultimate premise of a game. A game based on The brilliant wouldn’t even need to use existing characters, as the hotel itself is a character that could return. An original story set in the Overlook could work very well if the right care was implemented. Maybe the main character could own the title Shining and have to spend the game learning how to use his powers. Atmospheric horror games are some of the best, and there’s a lot of scary atmosphere in Overlook.

5. The Exorcist

A game based on The Exorcist would be tricky, but not impossible. Similar to my proposal Shiny game, this game would take place in the world of The Exorcist as proposed to be an adaptation of the film. Maybe the game could have a Survive to to feel it. The player could be some sort of investigation, searching through various places where demonic possessions have been reported. If the game has more of a survival feel, it could work just fine. Blumhouse announced that they are doing a new Exorcist trilogy, so maybe a new game could fit into the marketing well.

6. Freddy vs. Jason (and others)

Ranking of Friday the 13th films

While Freddy vs. Jason on its own wouldn’t make a good game, the idea of ​​pitting horror legends against each other does. Terrordrome is a fan-made game with that exact premise, a horror movie icon tournament fighter. Characters who would never share a movie together would be playable, each with their own special moves and attacks. The game could also feature music and dialogue from the films used, creating a more immersive experience. Terrordrome is free to download, but the team has created a spiritual successor that uses characters from mythology. This sequel can be purchased on Steam and is a great way to support a talented team of developers.

7. The Terminator

Scary shot in The Terminator

The Terminator is one of the best-known action franchises of all time. If you go back and take a look at the marketing of the original film, however, it was more of a horror film. The first film features the titular cyborg as a terrifying death machine, which could make for a scary game. There is a lot of Terminator games, but they are all action games based on the most action-packed sequels. A game based on the horror feel of the original film could give the franchise a breath of fresh air that it desperately needs. The movie timeline is sloppy, so the game could follow an original character who must survive against a Terminator. Again, this would be a survival horror game with few weapons, just the player’s mind to keep them alive.

8. Computing

TI 2

With the release of the 2017 film and its sequel, Stephen King’s THIS is more popular than it has ever been. A game looks like it’s a money-making game, but with some inventive and talented people behind it, it could be a terrifying game. The whole thing about Pennywise is that he attacks the fears of his victims. Players could choose their biggest fears from a list at the start and had to deal with those fears throughout the game. Instead of being the clown, everyone knows him because Pennywise could change his shape every time he played. it seems. Playing as a kid with no combat experience would add another level of difficulty to the game, as again the player would have to use their instincts as opposed to brute force.

9. Universal monsters


A game based on films from the 30s and 50s would require real creativity to be successful. Maybe instead of having a long story, all of the main monsters have their own stories with multiple levels each. The different stories could have their own styles depending on the mood of the films or their release. The gameplay would be similar enough to complete each monster, but would have a slight learning curve. Just because something works to escape or defeat Frankenstein’s monster, for example, doesn’t mean the same will work against The Wolf Man. Or maybe each monster has different play styles. For example, Dracula’s levels would be a third-person perspective escaping from his castle, while The Invisible Man’s would be a first-person survival game. It may not work on paper, but with the right developers it could stand a fighting chance.

10. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy Krueger seems like the perfect candidate for a video game. Like Michael Myers, Krueger appears in Death by the light of day, but having your own game has so much potential. The game could have mechanics similar to silent Hill, with the game switching between the dream world and the real world. The Springwood Slasher appeared in games before in the 8-bit era, but they have less of a cult following. A next-gen Freddy game could be terrifying and creative. Robert England might even reprise his role as Freddy, as voiceover work is easier than putting on makeup. England lent their voice to Scarecrow in Injustice 2, it is therefore in the realm of the possible.