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10 things audiences should know about the video game franchise before watching the TV series

PlayStation Productions has many exciting projects in development following the success of Unexplored on the big screen. However, for one of their most recent projects, they’re turning to TV, adapting the beloved, retro vehicular combat series. Twisted metal. With Anthony Mackie in the lead, it looks like there’s real potential here for another hit.

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But what elements of the video games themselves will make it to the screen under showrunner Michael Jonathan Smith? Whether it’s how game mechanics might influence action sequences, key characters involved, or perhaps how many episodes this franchise has, these details can have a crucial impact on the development of Peacock’s. Twisted metal.


Developers and publishers

The twisted metal Sweet Tooth van

the twisted metal The franchise has been in many hands over the years, each of which has given the series its flavor. While the different incarnations may influence the TV show as a whole, it’s ultimately Sony as the publisher who will make the final decision.

Indeed, while it was presented on PC, twisted metal has primarily been a PlayStation console exclusive to developers such as SingleTrac, Sony’s 989 Studios, Incognito Entertainment, and Eat Sleep Play. Due to the influence behind the series, these games have appeared on PlayStation, PS2, PS3, and PlayStation Portable!


Twisted Metal New Game TV Series Report

Although there are many amazing and somewhat terrible racing games that have appeared on PlayStation throughout its history, twisted metal is so much more. It’s a demolition derby battle experience, with all sorts of tricked out ridiculous vehicles.

Although there are narrative strings throughout the series focusing on main antagonist Marcus “Needles” Kane, known for driving “Sweet Tooth”, the games largely feature cooperative, online and individual play on cards that demand destruction! It’s vibrant and leans into his violent escapades.

Number of parts

Fight in Twisted Metal as the clown fights a doll

Looking at the main series of games, the twisted metal the franchise has come a long way. While not all gamers may have even heard of this retro entry in Sony’s archives, there have been eight different installments of the first twisted metal Title.

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Issues one through four were released between 1995 and 1999 before there was a break and Twisted metal: Black in 2001. This was followed by Twisted Metal: Head-On in 2005 and a Extra twisted edition in 2008, before the definitive entry of twisted metal in 2012. The series has evolved throughout, but it’s unclear what era the series might draw inspiration from. There are even reports that a new version is in the works!

Get off the track

Twisted Metal 2 with the Eiffel Tower

The first two installments in the SingleTrac series defined the feeling of Twisted metal. They were notable hits and took advantage of the chaotic visuals, vibrant color palette, and over-the-top game controls while bringing in plenty of amazing vehicles. With three and four however, the series took a turn.

With the takeover of 989 Studios, the flavor of the originals was immediately lost. A brand new engine changed the way the game played and while the physics system could be improved, it never really felt like it was part of the game. twisted metal series. Maybe the show will avoid the third and fourth entries.

Soft restart

Twisted Metal Motorized Trolley

Sony knew the series had to be turned in the right direction. With most of the original team joining the project under Incognito Entertainment, a soft reboot was put in place. This change of pace would define the next era of Twisted metal.

With a range of new characters and a return to what fans loved in the originals, Twisted metal: Black showed that the series was far from dead. This is arguably the best version of twisted metal to date and should surely contribute to the development of the Peacock adaptation.

Influential modern incarnation

Car driving through bombs in Twisted Metal

Despite soft reboots and reimaginings, Sony ultimately wanted to try to bring twisted metal to a new audience so that it can thrive as it once did. 2012 seemed like the perfect time to do so, after a small break from the conclusion of the previous main series.

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twisted metal, therefore, relaunched with that original name on this console generation. With updated visuals and a darker side, it was certainly an intriguing attempt to improve what fans knew about the franchise. This should probably be the iteration that PlayStation Productions studies the most when it comes to adapting to a current audience.

Spin off

Twisted metal sweet tooth

Like any Sony franchise, the success of twisted metal allowed for the creation of a few different spin-offs that sought to further expand this universe. While none of them really enjoyed the success of the mainline titles, they still make compelling additions to the gaming world.

While 2002 Twisted Metal: Black Online tried to take advantage of the massive multiplayer gameplay server market, this was the 2001 Little fight who had the most to offer. Incognito Entertainment developed a title that could be played by children, removing the violent aspects and replacing them with a little more whimsical and cartoonish humor.

Canceled stories

Huge twisted metal wheels

While twisted metal can make a few lists of the best PlayStation racing-style original games, that doesn’t mean the series hasn’t had its fair share of failure. There were a variety of different spin-offs and sequels that never really saw the light of day.

Twisted Metal: Harbor City was created as a result of Black, but the plans were abandoned and the works were Extra twisted edition. apocalypse and Revolution in the mid-2000s there were also ideas to take the franchise in a different direction, adding sci-fi or hip-hop elements respectively to freshen up the concept.

Previous adaptation

Sweet Tooth is Twisted Metal's mascot.

Around 2012, when Sony launched its twisted metal reboot, there’s been a lot of in-depth talk about a big-screen adaptation as well. It seemed like perfect timing, and Sony was serious enough to bring in Brian Taylor to write and direct the piece.

The movie was never made, though PlayStation should see a lot of cinematic potential within the franchise. It was noted that the rebooted title’s poor financial performance affected the film’s development. With the formation of the new series, there may be conversations about how much this original movie script might influence the modern incarnation.

felling race

Although twisted metal has yet to see his film debut, that hasn’t stopped him from becoming a cultural influence! Ralph breaks the internet took the Disney franchise to the next level and allowed the titular character and Vanellope to travel the World Wide Web.

There they encountered Slaughter Race, a destructive racing game that by all accounts appears to be based on Twisted metal. There’s even a clown cameo that surely ties into the lead’s visual appearance, and the grimy aesthetic pays homage to the modern reboot.

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