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13: Origin’s Kickstarter Campaign, an Adventure Puzzle Game, Comes This Month

13: Origin gives you a one-of-a-kind tale you’ve never heard before, along with a suspenseful atmosphere.

Corvus Studio, an independent game developer, will launch a Launch campaign to support 13: Origin, their next adventure puzzle game for PC. As in most escape / puzzle games, 13: Origin is a network of clues that you should seek out and not overlook. As you untie each knotted loop, you will see the length and infinity of the thread you are clinging to.

An escape and puzzle game.

13: Origin offers more than just a mechanical puzzle solving experience to its players. To solve intricately designed puzzles for players, you will have to use mechanics, intrigue, your intuition and, most importantly, “doubt”. By answering these unique puzzles, you will discover a mystery lost since the dawn of time.

The prologue of the game is now available for free on To smoke. With this prologue, you will be able to experience the plot we are aiming for as well as some of our unique, interesting and rewarding puzzles.

Watch the game’s trailer here on Game Freaks 365.

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