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Minimalist puzzle game Reky is coming to PC and Android

The minimalist, reky puzzler is coming to PC and Android mobile devices tomorrow, with its technically drawn aesthetic and elegantly crafted logic puzzles. Originally released in 2019 for iOS devices, Greek developer Beyondthosehills’ minimalist puzzler, Reki, arrives tomorrow on PC and Android mobile devices, with its technically drawn aesthetic and elegantly designed logic puzzles. The […]

Puzzle game

Final Destination type puzzle game Death Coming is free on the Epic Store

The coming death (opens in a new tab) is a non-linear puzzle game in which you, as a mid-level assistant death manager, must harvest the souls of humans by killing them in strange final destinations. (opens in a new tab)-style “accidents”. It’s also free for the week on the Epic Games Store. Developer Next Studios […]

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How To Consolidate Credit Card Debt | Credit card news and advice

If you have debt on multiple credit cards, it probably feels like you’re walking on water in the ocean. On the one hand, you are stressed about making several payments on time. You might also be stressed out about having enough cash to even make the payments given the coronavirus crisis. One option for getting […]