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7 Video Game Characters You Should Avoid Fighting At All Costs

Gamers always enjoy a good video game fight. What makes a game enjoyable are the visuals, the story, and the stunning action. So, the game developers are trying their best to improve the combats of the game and provide challenging enemies for the players to enjoy a good fight.


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But in this quest to bring players the best fighting game, developers sometimes create a hell of a time for players. Throughout the history of video games, there have been game characters you should avoid fighting with. Because getting back to those fights can be some of the worst times in life. Let’s look at some of these fights you shouldn’t choose in video games.


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The Valkyries in God of War

Every God of War game has provided the best combat experience for fans. God of War 2018 was no less, as it provided great fights for the rampaging God of War, Kratos. However, the 2018 action adventure offered gamers hell. We are not talking about Helheim, where Kratos went to save his sick son, Atreus. But we are talking about the Valkyries.

Kratos embarks on a journey to free the Valkyries, female warriors with wings, from Odin’s Vault. However, a curse has corrupted these mighty warriors. Thus, releasing them would lead to the most brutal fights in the game. All eight Valkyries would be difficult for players to beat. However, The Valkyrie Queen Sigrun would be a pain that will make you regret choosing this fight and quest.

Charon in Hades

We’ve all heard that you shouldn’t take things from others without their permission. However, the 2020 action-RPG Hades will grind that lesson into anyone’s head. This game is already providing players with nightmares as they take on the role of Zagreus, the son of Hades, the god of death. Zagreus is on a journey to escape the underworld to reach Mount Olympus. But the real hell of the game is Charon.

Charon is the boatman of the River Styx, who transports dead souls across the river to the Underworld. However, he also acts as an in-game merchant, offering items to Zagreus in exchange for an obol of in-game currency. However, there is a purse called Charon’s Obol, and taking it would anger the boatman. Suddenly, he would teleport players to an unknown location and fight Zagreus with a flurry of attacks.

The surprise fight and barrage of attacks could be a misery for players. Additionally, Charon has a huge health bar, so players may need to use up a lot of resources they bought from the boatman earlier. But defeating him would award the player a membership card, which offers a 20% discount on all items in Charon’s shop.

Big Dads in Bioshock

Bioshock has been a favorite for those who love action. The video game has many enemies, and players would have only one idea in mind: to engage in a murderous rampage. However, the game features an enemy you shouldn’t play with, Big Daddy.

The Big Daddies are genetically modified humans whose bodies are grafted onto huge armored atmospheric diving suits. Additionally, these characters also possess a massive drill, rivet gun, rocket launcher, and sometimes even an ion laser. Fighting these giant engineering humans is not necessary, otherwise you will regret fighting them.

Honey Badgers in Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 is the sequel to fan favorite Far Cry 3. Like other Far Cry games, this one is full of terrorists and enemies to fight. Moreover, this fourth installment also contains the mythical beasts called Yetis to fight. However, fighting them is nothing compared to the Honey Badgers in this video game.

In Far Cry 4 you can hunt wild animals, but you have to avoid the Honey Badgers. These can look like adorable little creatures that you can take down with your hand or a knife. But that would be a bad choice because they are nimble and fast. Also, a disturbed badger won’t let you go. And it will be a fight to the death for the animal or for you.

Tonberry in the Final Fantasy series

Final Fantasy is one of the oldest video game series. Games have improved over time, including enemies and the combat experience. The game series has featured some titanic enemies to battle, such as the giant Adamantoise turtle in Final Fantasy 15. However, the enemy, against whom will be the most regrettable action, would be Tonberry.

Tonberry is an adorable name, and the character is as cute as her name. However, these tiny green beings can be an absolute threat to deal with. Tonberry’s special attack, Chef’s Knife, can instantly kill or greatly damage the player. Additionally, attacking these creatures can be problematic as they counter Karma, which damages players based on how many enemies they have killed.

Monks in Tomb Raider II

Tomb Raider games have always been some of the best action adventures. The game has always offered great actions and adventures to blow the player away. The early games had great action, like Lara Croft killing men with guns, tigers, and even dinosaurs! However, the most regrettable and difficult enemy was Tomb Raider II.

Lara Croft must retrieve an ancient artifact Talion of the Tibetan foothills. However, the monks of Barkhang would protect this artifact. Facing these monks would be the most regrettable act of your life.

But these monks won’t let Lara focus on solving puzzles to reach the artifact. They will keep attacking until Lara dies. Additionally, the game’s official strategy guide suggests players reload their game after encountering Barkhang Monk.

Rabbit Lord in Shadow Warrior 3


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Shadow Warrior 3 is the third installment in the Shadow Warrior series, released in March 2022. The game puts players on a journey to find a way to slay a dragon that wiped out most of world civilization, and demons have taken control of the world. However, facing the dragon might not be as threatening as the rabbits.

Killing creatures in this video game drops items for players. However, the game also features adorable little bunnies that players can kill. But killing these small animals will not drop any items. However, killing rabbits can lead to a fight that you would like to avoid. Killing bunnies summons the Bunny Lord, a giant monster-like creature that will chase you down to take you out.


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There are more such enemies in video games that you should avoid at all costs. So, let us know about some of the enemies you’ve faced and regretted fighting later. Also let us know if you have faced these seven threats mentioned above.