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7 video game references you may have missed

It’s hard to overstate the enduring popularity of The Sopranos. Over the course of six seasons, fans have been treated to a veritable cavalcade of Mafia violence, death and mayhem. Like any great movie or TV show, watch The Sopranos with a keen eye, often yields easy-to-miss treats in the form of Easter eggs and pop culture references.

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In fact, strewn throughout the show’s long run, there are a handful of video game callbacks that even keen-eyed viewers may have missed. These references, some a little more subtle than others, will surely put a smile on longtime players. Besides, no excuse to see again The Sopranos is generally a good one anyway.

Mario kart 64

Tony Soprano and AJ play Mario Kart 64 on Nintendo 64

In the first season episode “Meadowlands”, Tony Soprano struggles to keep his psychiatric visits a secret from his fellow gangsters. In one of the more obvious video game references in the series, players will no doubt recognize a famous Nintendo title that Tony and AJ play together in the episode.

Father and son engage in friendly competition while playing Mario kart 64. Tony humorously struggles with the mechanics of the game as he continually bumps into walls and rolls in the wrong direction. This is one of the most endearing scenes from the first episodes of the series, showing the Mafia bond with his son.

True Crime: New York

True Crime: New York City Coverage

In The SopranosIt is clear that Christopher Moltisanti is in love with the allure of Hollywood stardom. In “Luxury Lounge”, Chris and Little Carmine attempt to convince Sir Ben Kingsley to star in their crowd-themed slasher movie, “Cleaver”. The result is a series of comedic exchanges as the legendary actor tries unsuccessfully to fend off future film producers.

In a scene where the three are browsing an expensive store, fans can spot a TV screen with True Crime: New York play in the background. The game features renowned Hollywood actors among its cast, including Christopher Walken, Mickey Rourke, and Laurence Fishburne.

Pokémon pinball machine

Pokemon Pinball Cover for Game Boy Color

The episode “From Where to Eternity” revolves around Chris recovering in hospital after being nearly fatally shot. This episode also contains an easily overlooked video game reference that fans can spot if they pay close attention to what AJ is holding in his hands.

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In the hospital waiting room, AJ is playing a Game Boy Color. The title on the cartridge of his handheld console identifies the game itself as Pokémon pinball machine. Released in 1999, this pinball-themed arcade game uses the Pokémon setting, characters, and aesthetics.

Max Payne

Bobby Jr. playing Max Payne of the Sopranos

In the Season 4 episode “Calling All Cars”, Tony’s sister Janice tries to make herself look good with recently widowed Bobby and his children. She accomplishes this task rather underhandedly through the use of an instant messaging system that Bobby Jr. uses.

In a very brief shot during this episode, Bobby Jr. can be seen playing Max Payne on his PC. Specifically, it appears to be the intro to the game playing on Bobby Jr.’s computer screen. Max Payne was a huge hit in 2001, and was released around the same time this episode was reportedly filmed.

Explosion body

Blast Corps Case for Nintendo 64

Fans may notice that many references to the video games in the series revolve around AJ – not surprisingly, given his age and general personality. In the Season 1 episode “The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti”, AJ can be seen playing another popular Nintendo 64 game from the 90s just before the FBI showed up to search the Soprano house.

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The game in question is Explosion body, a title developed by Rare. Released in 1997, the subject of Explosion body is to destroy all objects in the path of an uncontrollable nuclear missile. It was one of the first games developed by Rare to be released for the Nintendo 64 system, and it was highly regarded.

Flag to Flag

Flag To Flag Sega Dreamcast Gameplay

Like most episodes of The Sopranos, “Bust Out” features many references to pop culture. Once again, eagle-eyed fans can spot AJ playing a rather obscure racing game on the Sega Dreamcast before Tony orders him to go to bed.

AJ plays Flag to Flag, a game released by Sega in 1999. It is an open wheel racing game that features various real racing circuits from around the world. Flag to Flag was one of the first games released alongside the Dreamcast console itself in September 1999.


Halo 2 blanket

“The Blue Comet” is the penultimate episode of The Sopranos. This is certainly one of the most thrilling episodes in the series, as the very survival of Tony Soprano and his criminal family is at stake. It is also the last episode to include a subtle video game reference buried beneath everything. voltage.

When Tony and Carmela visit AJ in the hospital’s mental health unit, the latter is playing one of the games in the Halo franchise. The telltale sounds of the series’ guns fired in the background betray it, a detail fans of the series will no doubt notice.

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