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9 best mobile game controllers (2021): iPhone or Android

With a unique combination of features, a thoughtful retro design, and solid performance, all at a reasonable price, this is the best mobile controller for most people. The D-pad is too often a letdown in phone controllers, but not here. The buttons are good and the analog sticks are sensitive. I like the subtly textured back, which adds traction. There are double shoulder triggers with two smart programmable buttons around the back so you can keep your thumbs on the sticks. This Bluetooth controller can connect to four devices, so you can easily switch from a Nintendo Switch, MacBook, Android or iOS phone to a Windows PC, or you can connect with a cable using the USB-C port of the controller. Just make sure you grab a 8Bitdo mobile clip ($ 15) to go with.

The 8BitDo Pro 2 has a rechargeable battery inside that lasts around 20 hours, but it’s removable and you can swap out two AA batteries if you need to. To sweeten the deal further, the 8BitDo Ultimate Software app for Android Where ios allows you to remap buttons; adjust the handle, trigger and vibration sensitivity; and even configure custom macros in your favorite mobile games. All that this controller lacks is support for PlayStation and Xbox.

Officially works with Nintendo Switch, Windows (Steam), Mac, Android and iOS