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The company has announced that Untold Tales and developer Wildboy Studios will release a story-driven adventure/puzzle/rhythm game ATONE: An Elder Tree game for Switch and PC via Steam in 2023. There’s a PC demo now. through Steam.

ATONE: The Heart of the Elder Tree premiered for Apple-Acade on September 19.

Here is a general overview of the game, including Untold Tales :: a Tale of the story.


The gods have abandoned Midgard. After a prosperous land teeming with beasts and mythical beings, it now rots from within, with unknown forces being harnessed. The Odins chosen to guard the kingdom are gone. The sacred Elderberry they have sworn to protect, in their absence, is vulnerable to abuse and manipulation. Today, no hope will remain in Estra, the daughter of the last great chief.

With a greater emphasis on reminiscence, Estras’s journey through Midgard is filled with lore and mysterious twists, and therefore life-changing decisions. Players will meet a variety of characters and share some of Estras’ discoveries, and learn about his family’s past and the darkness that lurks in the sky.

  • Main characteristics

    An Interactive Story Estras novel is a complication of tough decisions and untrustworthy characters that can lead her to the harm of a bad idea. Its story correlates with the ability of the reality and fiction player to distinguish fact from truth and decide right from wrong. Try to fight, help friends and save the person. remember that the consequences are to bear Estras.

  • Puzzles As you approach, players must solve challenging puzzles that reveal deep secrets, fantastic abilities, and hidden passageways. Trial and error is fine, but patience is required. Inns and non-registrations can be multiple errors. I will say failure is the most effective option. You can lose the answers you want if you make a mistake.
  • Violence in combat isn’t always necessary, but when the going gets tough, ATONE: The Elder Tree combat is a delicate dance of sword and ax. The combat is rooted in the rhythm game and mechanics of upcoming productions like Guitar and Dance Dance. Music is a key part of the game. Each fight has its own song.
  • Music at One: The music and sound design for Heart of the Elder Trees is composed by Australian artist Luminist (ask.a. James Shuar blends a rich tone of music with the digitally corrupted sounds of period-specific instruments .

Watch the trailer here.

Switch and PC announced the introduction of a trailer.