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A super sane video game nerd creates his very first indie game

Indie developers are probably the most important part of our games industry. We only get a limited number of games per year from AAA developers, so these indie developers are the ones who quench our thirst for new titles. It is therefore important to support all these developers who work hard for us, the players.

New games from indie developers are released all year round and in droves, especially on Steam. These indie games are developed by all kinds of different people. A new indie title like this is coming out very soon from a talented YouTuber and developer.

Ultra Health Video Game Nerd is a very underrated YouTuber on the gaming side of the platform. He is most popular for his HONG KONG 97 videos which is an infamously bad game. Now he’s making an indie game and releasing it on Steam and the project is looking great.

The YouTuber is developing a platform game for Steam with the name “Purple Wisteria”. Ultra Health Video Game Nerd said in his recent video that the game’s Steam page is now public. You can see it on the platform and the game description certainly got us excited.

Violet Wisteria will be a platform game based on the 1990s style of gameplay. You play as Wisteria Asagiri, a woman with purple hair, to save the Earth alongside the upper and lower realm. You must master the 3-color attack system to defeat the enemies and go through 8 stages of the indie game.

Players will travel to multiple dimensions and work to thwart the magician Maskandes’ plan. It is inspired by other main heroine Valis and lassis platform games like Ikaruga and Silhouette Mirage. The Violet Wisteria gameplay trailer is also present on the Steam page and the platformer looks really promising.

It took Ultra healthy video game nerd nearly 1.5 years to develop the game. He tells us a lot about the development in his new video, like how he worked hard to bring Japanese and English into the indie game. Violet Wisteria will also have multiple modes like boss rush and gallery mode to view cutscene artwork.

We learn how deep indie game development is through its video. He explains that it took almost a month to add little things like a title screen, power-up graphics, and debugging. A demo for Violet Wisteria will also be released soon according to the YouTuber. Violet Wisteria has a 2023 release date right now, so the YouTuber still has time to polish it.