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Abermore is a first-person RPG coming to PC

Abermore is a first-person RPG that has been kept a total secret for most of its development.

Abermore, the new game from Four Circle Interactive and Sold Out that has remained a mystery for years, will be released on PC at the end of March. Players take on the role of an unethical burglar who plans the ultimate royal heist.

The new RPG from the creators of 10 Second Ninja X

In Abermore, players must take tasks from a gang of thieves and criminals in order to improve their reputation and persuade the community that they are capable of carrying out a major robbery. They can also use anything they find as a weapon, create new equipment to help them steal and hunt bounty, sell things on the black market for greater treasure, acquire mystical tarot cards to help them in their mission and use everything they find as a weapon.


“I don’t know how we managed to keep Abermore a secret for as long as we’ve had it (there have been so many times I almost said something on Twitter by accident), but we’re thrilled to finally reveal what we’ve been working on today,” said Dan Pearce, Game Director at Four Circle Interactive.

“In Abermore, players adopt the mantle of a legendary Robin Hood figure, “The Unhanged Man”, for the 18 days leading up to a daring heist. Each campaign is unique, and each new day offers new stories to fall into, loot to sell on the black market, and potential collaborators to help you prepare for the ultimate score: ‘Feast of the Lucky Few,'” a- he added.

In order to plunder the Royal Palace for its true worth, players attack houses, steal new wealth, create alliances, trade priceless items, charm aristocrats, discover magical powers and grow their fame.

Abermore will be released on PC via Steam on Tuesday, March 29.

Watch the Abermore trailer below!