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Acclaimed puzzle game studio Zachtronics will release its latest game next month

Popular indie developer Zachtronics will release what will be its latest new game next month.

In an interview with Kotaku (opens in a new tab), studio founder Zach Barth said, “We’re finishing things off!” Before the studio closes its doors for good, it has two final projects in the works: a new game aptly named Last Call BBS, launching on July 5, and a collection of its various solitaire games, which should be released before the end of the year.

“After that, the team will disband,” Barth says. “We all have different ideas, interests, risk tolerances, etc., so we’re still figuring out what we want to do next.” Rather than a decision forced upon him, it’s something the developer is doing on his own terms, which Barth says “feels pretty good.”

Barth founded Zachtronics in 2000 and the studio has established a reputation with acclaimed puzzle games such as TIS-100 and SpaceChem. While the bulk of Zachtronics’ back catalog consists of puzzles, it’s occasionally dipped into other genres. 2013 saw the release of strategy title Ironclad Tactics, and one of its most recent offerings is a visual novel called Eliza.

This is not the first time that Zachtronics has closed its doors. In 2015, the developer shut down when Barth went to work for Valve for ten months. “It gave us the opportunity to cash in some of our capital, re-engage with the rest of the gaming industry, and rebuild from the ground up,” Barth says. But he doesn’t seem to think history will repeat itself, adding: “I’m not saying the same thing is going to happen here because we’re really closing Zachtronics.”

As for the reason for the closure, Barth explains that he and the team felt it was time for a change. “Although we’ve become very good at making ‘Zachtronics games’ over the past twelve years, it’s been hard for us to make anything else.” Following the announcement of the studio’s closure, fans showed their appreciation for the developer’s efforts. “Since we announced that BBS last call is going to be our last game, I’ve received countless emails from fans thanking us for the games we’ve made.”

Farewell, Zachtronics. We will miss you.

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