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AH Awards: Best Mobile Game of 2021

Riot raised the bar for mobile games with League of Legends: Wild Rift

The mobile gaming market continues to grow and is the most profitable segment of the gaming industry. We know some people are going to scoff at the mere mention of mobile games. But listen, they’re pretty good now. Awesome, actually, and thanks to studios like Riot Games and its launch of League Of Legends: Wild Rift, it’s a lot easier to see how great mobile games can be, because it’s one of the best available.

That’s why League Of Legends: Wild Rift gets our award for the best mobile game of 2021. Setting a standard or raising the bar for gaming isn’t easy. Especially when you are a studio that already offers a PC game that is universally loved around the world. But, Riot did just that. I raised the bar.

When League Of Legends: Wild Rift launched in regional beta, to say there was a high level of excitement would be a massive understatement. Since the regional beta ended in fall 2021 after a year-long test, the game has only gotten better.

League Of Legends: Wild Rift is the result of the passion for high-quality games

Riot continues to improve Wild Rift through constant updates driven by his passion for games. Not just PC games, but games in general. Which includes mobile. Its most recent event, RiotX Arcane, is a good example. Players can dive into the content and earn great rewards. Such as Arcane Animated Series champion skins, in-game currency, boosts, and more.

Many members of the development team have worked hard to provide a fun and rewarding event that players can be proud to spend their time with.

From the very first development video with Michael Chow ahead of the game’s beta test launch, to our recent interview with Juno Blees (Riot’s product manager for Wild Rift events) on the game and in-game event, Riot clearly has stated that people who work on Wild Rift really like the game.

And that has resulted in a great mobile game version that other development studios should aspire to match. League Of Legends is the gold standard of MOBAs. And League Of Legends: Wild Rift just builds on that foundation.

Basically what we’re saying is that when you have as much passion for the game as you make, the end result is destined to reach seismic proportions of excellence. And we believe wholeheartedly that’s what Riot Games has done here. Wild Rift doesn’t just copy the League Of Legends formula, either. It is refined.

Reduced for mobile devices, with shorter matches and a more streamlined set of mechanics that seasoned champions and newcomers can step into. It deserves to be recognized. More importantly, it also shows other game studios how to take a PC or console game and deliver a version for the mobile market that doesn’t suck.

All of this, along with the fun character of Wild Rift, made the decision easy to pick League Of Legends: Wild Rift as the best game of 2021.