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Album review: Japanese Breakfast – Sable Video Game Soundtrack

Japanese Breakfast Sable Original Video Game Soundtrack Cover Art

The Japanese breakfast has been quite prolific this year. Michelle Zauner and the band release their third album Jubilee this summer, with its bright and happy sounds. Now she has released the soundtrack for the open world video game Sable, something she’s been working on for almost four years.

“I was so lucky that Daniel Fineberg and Gregorios Kythreotis from Shedworks invited me to participate in this game so early. I was immediately captivated by the world they had built, a desert planet filled with mysterious natural and architectural wonders, and the story they had imagined, that of a young girl growing up through exploration ” , explains Zauner.

“It was important to me that every biome in this world felt unique. I used woods and vocal layers to make the monumental ruins feel like ancient and unknown, industrial samples and virtual synths to make atomic ships cold and metallic, classical guitar and piano shiny so that the camps are comfortable and familiar. I wanted the main themes to be reminiscent of the iconic works of Joe Hisaishi and Alan Menken, to fill the listener with the childlike wonder of someone on the verge of a great discovery. “

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The soundtrack makes you want to explore a new world, to discover vast landscapes. There are moments of soft and thoughtful piano, cold and metallic synths, flutes and guitar-led pieces that stray from what one might be used to from his production with the group Japanese Breakfast. It is not divided into sections, but you can feel the change in mood between night, day and the different places you would expect to find in the world, Middin.

Much of Middin is old and dead, but you guide the main character, Sable, on his journey through these ancient ruins, glowing landscapes, and the ever-changing features of this world with music from Zauner accompanying your exploration and your wonder.

This soundtrack is quite different from what we’ve heard from Jubilee earlier this summer. If you want to hear this album live (like I did last night at Treefort and it was amazing) check out some Japanese Breakfast tour dates here.

The Sable The soundtrack is now available digitally and a double vinyl is available for pre-order ahead of its spring 2022 release. Get your copy of the game here for PC, but it’s also available for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

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