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All PC Game Announcements from Annapurna Showcase 2022

Annapurna Interactive, publisher of the recent Wander, held its second showcase earlier today. The new lineup of games has undoubtedly made many viewers exclaim “ooh”, “ahh” and “wha”. There were many interesting PC game announcements during today’s Annapurna showcase, and we’ve listed them along with their trailers.

Note that we mainly cover PC games, here. For announcements on upcoming console games, check out the storefront in its entirety on YouTube.

The lost savage

Probably one of the most impressive games of the Annapurna 2022 showcase, The lost savage is a first person adventure game with dinosaurs. It’s a survival horror game from developer Great Ape Games, and it’s okay PC release in 2024. It’s a long way off, of course, but the new trailer makes a compelling case that it might be worth the wait.


Hindsight is a game that comes to us from Joel McDonald, the creator of Plum. The narrative game follows the life of a woman from birth, who tries to “make sense of everything”. In the game, you investigate seemingly normal objects that hide secrets. Using different camera angles allows you to peer into these things, which take you through the memories of the protagonist. It is intriguing, no doubt, and it will be available this year.


Herd is another new PC game announced during Annapurna Showcase 2022. As you can imagine, Herd is all about “the joy of flying”. You and a few friends can band together to collect creatures, flying alongside you. It looks like a colorful and peaceful game. We don’t have a release window for this yet, but you can read more about it at his Steam page.

Thirsty suitors

Thirsty suitors was announced last December. But from today you can play some of it in a new demo on Steam. Annapurna also revealed that the game is going to launch not just on PC, but for Game Pass in 2023.


And now we’re getting into “wha” territory. Uvula is a… game, I think, that comes to us from Keita Takahashi, the creator of Katamari Damace and Wattham. I have no idea what it is. The teaser begins with a close-up of the uvula (that dangling thing in your throat) in a sleeping boy’s mouth. The camera slowly zooms out to show a dog licking the boy’s face. And that’s about all we have so far. Knowing Takahashi, Uvula could be another short, silly but endearing game that flies under the radar.

Bounty Star

Bounty Star immediately caught my attention. It’s a third-person shooter, mixing western themes with mechanical combat. Shoot and smash your way through other mechs, while upgrading your base and customizing your metal friend with a menagerie of weapons. Of all the game announcements during the Annapurna 2022 showcase, Bounty Star was the one that made my blood pump the most. It will appear on PC through Steam Next year.

Summing up the rest

Apart from major announcements, many other news came out of the show. Hohokuma PlayStation exclusive released in 2014, is now available on Steam for a low price of US$9.99. solar ashwhich wowed us when it launched on the Epic Games Store, is heading to Steam and Game Pass on December 6th. Model, a puzzle game released in March 2021, is coming to Game Pass this winter. Finally, Cardboard Computer, the developer behind Kentucky Route Zeroteased his next project, which you can see in the video below.