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Announcing the story-puzzle game Narru: Forgotten Lands

DreamStorm Studios announced a story-driven puzzle game Narru: Forgotten Lands for PC and consoles.

Narru: Forgotten Lands is coming to Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. No release date has been announced at this time.

Here is the reveal trailer:

Here is an overview of the game:

Narru: Forgotten Lands

Narru: the Forgotten Lands is a story-driven puzzle game of satisfying exploration. Become a piece of light whose mission is to roam the island once inhabited by a mysterious civilization and uncover the story of its demise. Excavate the ruins to enter a dimension of memories and discover the stories of people who are no more.

The greatest secrets are always hidden and protected. Learn to solve ancient puzzles and find valuable knowledge.


  • Explore the world freely – Walk around the island and discover all its secrets, hidden passages, altars, paintings. and ruins that carry the history of the ancients. Listen to the voice of a goddess who will help you understand what happened.
  • Bring the Island to Life – Watch the world come to life wherever you go. Fill the earth and the ruins with your light and let all around you flourish.
  • Solve Ancient Puzzles – Solve puzzles to activate ancient mechanisms and reveal the secrets of those who lived on the island. Look for the clues painted on the ruins and you will never get lost.
  • Learn New Skills – Learn and master new abilities to visit previously inaccessible locations and solve intricate puzzles. Water walking, rock climbing and more will help you uncover new secrets as you explore the island.
  • Search the Ruins – Search ancient ruins, find altars, learn new skills, collect memorabilia, and find keys to unlock new story fragments and discover what happened to the civilization that once inhabited the island.