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Apex Legends Mobile: Game Modes Explained


Whereas Apex Legends Mobile is essentially an individual portage of console/PC versions in terms of technical aspects of its mechanics, there are still some differences introduced with mobile game. One of the most obvious differences is that Movable apex introduces an exclusive new character, Fade, who may never be part of the “main” game, but in terms of game modes, Movable apex presents some essential differences.

While most people flock to Apex Legends Mobile for its hugely popular Battle Royale mode, the game also features the 3v3 Arenas mode introduced last year in the base game. In addition to the two modes available on console and PC Summit, Movable apex also features a few Team Death Match game modes and limited race modes that will rotate over time.

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Apex Legends Mobile battle royale

The mode in Apex Legends Mobile which perhaps needs the least introduction is battle royale. 60 players drop onto the World’s Edge map in teams of three and shoot at them until only one team remains. Over time, the map gets smaller thanks to a heat ring that brings teams together. Unlike the console and PC versions, Movable apexBattle Royale mode has only one map, World’s Edge, and does not include King’s Canyon, Olympus, or Stormpoint. In addition, there is not yet a duet mode in the mobile version, but many think that duets and the solo queue must arrive in subsequent updates.

Apex Legends Mobile Ranked match

Ranked play is the same game mode as regular Battle Royale, but it rates your performance in each match and assigns you a rank accordingly. You can increase your rank by playing well and decrease it by playing badly, but it is a good system to match players of the same thing against each other. The player ranking is reset at the start of each new season and halfway through.

Apex Legends Mobile Team Deathmatch

Team Death Match is a new addition to Movable apex. The base game featured limited-time TDM modes, but they seem to be a permanent mainstay of mobile gaming. There are two modes with maps that rotate every ten minutes or so: Base Respawn and Random Respawn. The gameplay for both matches is the same, with two teams of six battling to be the first to reach 30 kills. Base Respawn allows the player to respawn in a selected location, while Random Respawn can respawn just about anywhere. There are advantages of both game modes, so it all comes down to preference.

Apex Legends Mobile Arenas

Arenas is the same as in the base version of the game but does not yet have a ranked mode like the console and PC versions do. The game mode is a best of three spawn kill singles where weapons and buffs are purchased at the start of the round with currency earned by killing enemies and grabbing crafting materials. The cards rotate with the TDM cards approximately every ten minutes.

Apex Legends Mobile Quick Battle

Another mobile-exclusive mode, Quick Battle takes the battle royale formula but speeds it up a bit by reducing the number of players in each match to 30 and making the play area much smaller. When jumping into the map initially, the first ring will already be closed, and the second will come shortly after landing. Essentially, Quick Battle speeds up matches for those looking to play quickly before needing to end their session.