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Ascent’s first big patch addresses PC Game Pass ray tracing, co-op issues and more • Eurogamer.net

Neon Giant has released an important patch for The Ascent that fixes some of the game’s burning issues.

The update, which is now available for the Steam version of the cyberpunk-themed RPG shooter and will soon be available for Xbox and Windows 10 players, addresses cooperation and stability issues, among other things.

Here is Digital Foundry’s video breakdown for The Ascent, tested on all Xbox – and PC consoles.

Specifically on PC, the patch improves performance in DX12, also with ray tracing, and makes ray tracing available to gamers on the Windows Store.

This last change is significant – after the release of The Ascent, gamers quickly discovered that the PC version lacked DLSS and ray tracing on Game Pass but not on Steam.

DLSS for PC Game Pass was added in a small update released earlier this week, along with a difficulty selector. The Ascent doesn’t support ray tracing on Xbox Series X or S – it’s a PC-only feature.

The patch also mentions improved loading of NPCs on PC and the addition of a CPU performance mode for low-end PCs.

Across all platforms, the patch fixes many instances of one-off crashes, both solo and co-op. However, Neon Giant acknowledged that there were still other accident cases, which he was working to address.

Sticking to co-op, there is a fix for local co-op where player one and player two have controller focus issues on certain menus.

“Many other crash fixes have been made to improve the stability of local and online co-op,” the patch notes continue, “including fixes when disconnecting controllers, issues when 3 players start a new game and fixes when the internet connection becomes unstable. “

Meanwhile, also on all platforms, the patch addresses backup progress issues, including adding a new system to work around situations where backup files might get corrupted.

There’s a lot more to the update – the patch notes are worth checking out if you’ve played the game or waited until it improves.

“Our team continues to work hard to improve the game and we are very grateful for all the support and feedback from our players,” said Neon Giant.

Despite technical issues, it looks like The Ascent is a success. Publisher Curve Digital said it had its biggest revenue on opening weekend, generating more than $ 5million (£ 3.6million) since The Ascent launched.

Neon Giant is a 12-person independent developer based in Uppsala, Sweden. Digital Foundry took a look at The Ascent last week.