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Battlefield 2042 x WD_BLACK SSD PC Game Code Pack Details

Futuristic warfare in Battlefield 2042 requires state-of-the-art gear to prepare EA, and Western Digital is teaming up to deliver a collaborative PC game set.

The set has been officially unveiled and is called WD_BLACK SN750 SE NVMe â„¢ SSD Battlefield 2042 PC Game Code Bundle. That’s a lot of words I know, but what it basically means is that EA and Western Digital are offering a limited edition bundle that includes the PC code for Battlefield 2042 and a limited edition WD_Black SSD.

“The reputation of the WD_BLACK brand as a leader in gaming storage solutions along with its commitment to providing gamers with the best gaming experience through its range of high quality SSDs has led us to partner with Western Digital as a official game storage partner for Battlefield 2042, “said Kabir Kumar, senior brand manager for EA.

The limited edition pack includes:

  • A Battlefield 2042 themed WD_BLACK SN750 SE NVMe SSD
  • One Standard Edition Battlefield 2042 PC Game Code
  • Access to pre-order benefits, including in-game content

For PC gamers, the WD_BLACK SSD is a big deal with increased storage and overall performance boost. In addition to increasing speeds up to 3,600MB / s, which means less time to wait for the game to load and more time to get into the action. The pack will be available to Battlefield fans in Canada, the United States and across Europe. Players in certain countries can pre-order from the Western Digital Store and select retailers.

“EA and DICE are committed to ensuring that Battlefield players have the best gaming experience, a mission that drives our WD_BLACK brand,” said Susan Park, vice president of product marketing for Western Digital. “Battlefield 2042 brings a vast new world full of immersive maps and dynamic gameplay to the FPS genre, and we’re excited to be a part of this daring new chapter. “

The Battlefield 2042 PC Game Code Pack WD_BLACK SN750 SE NVMe SSD will be available in two packs $ 114.99 for the 500GB SSD and $ 174.99 for the 1TB SSD.