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Become a Plant Detective in this Occult Botany Shop Puzzle Game next week

Yes wordle has you looking at letters this week, Strange Horticulture will have you looking at flowers, leaves, thorns and roots next week. In developer Bad Viking’s puzzle game, you’ve inherited a spooky little plant store in the quaint little Victorian town of Undermere. As weird and mysterious customers come asking to buy plants, you’ll need to decipher your tome of botanical knowledge, take a close look at the plants in your store, and figure out exactly what your customers want based on their descriptions.

I played Strange Horticulture free demo, and it’s delicious. You’re basically a plant sleuth piecing together leafy clues. Your customer might know the name of the plant they want, so you need to find it in your book and match it to a plant on your shelf based on a few descriptive words and a sketch. Some customers may not know the name of the plant but will have some information about it, such as that it has red flowers or is believed to help a specific ailment, so you will need to take a close look at your plants and leaf through your book looking for a match.

This largely reflects my experience working in a bookstore where customers entered with only the vaguest idea of ​​the book they were looking for. “I know the blanket is blue,” they said. “Maybe the title has white letters? And this is a small town murder. And then I’d walk away, racking my brains for something I might have seen months ago while filling the shelves.

There’s also a spacious map to explore as you receive clues to the location of new, undiscovered plants to add to your shop, and serve customers and visit distant locations, your plant collection and your volume of knowledge will grow. And not everyone is looking for a plant that will help their digestion or sharpen their eyesight. A dark and dangerous mystery unfolds as you play, and some shadowy clients will try to drag you deeper into it.

The demo only covers the first two days of running your store, and since I played it, I want more. strange horticulture releases on Steam on January 21.