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Best PC game genres on Steam: Simulation and strategy tags still generate buzz

Game discovery expert Simon Carless shared some data on major Steam tags. The chart is dominated by different simulation and strategy subgenres, with platforming and puzzle titles generating much less interest among PC gamers.

Carless released the list in the latest episode of the Newsletter GameDiscoverCo. It is based on the Steam Hype graphics that the GameDiscoverCo team compiles for its paid subscribers.

It’s worth noting that these are the primary tags for unreleased games, which should help understand which subgenres Steam gamers are trending for right now. The table below compares data from January 1 and September 21.

The Best Game Genres Coming to Steam

  • Although some positions on the chart change over time, it is clear that the top 20 is dominated by different simulation subgenres (Life Sim, Colony Sim, Farming Sim, etc.)
  • Different types of strategy games are another dominant force, as Steam gamers tend to like complex genres like 4X, Grand Strategy, and Base Building.
  • There is also strong demand for survival games, with the Open World Survival Craft category climbing to the top spot this month.
  • As Carless pointed out, titles in these complex genres are harder to produce, which raises the barrier to entry. However, gamers are still looking for quality games in these categories.
  • On the other hand, PC gamers are less interested in genres like 2D Platformer, Puzzle Platformer, Top-Down Shooter, and Twin Stick Shooter, which are all in the bottom 25.
  • These games are generally easier to create, with developers often using many out-of-the-box elements. This reduces the overall quality of titles in these categories, thereby reducing demand and audience interest.

“The data still requires a lot of interpretation, and there are all sorts of caveats. But deeper simulation-centric and strategic gameplay for a ‘core PC’ audience is more likely to ‘hype’ (and sell) on PC these days,” Carless noted.

This data also correlates with a recent analysis by game marketing consultant Chris Zukowski. He concluded that Steam gamers generally don’t care about platforms unless they’re mixed with other genres. Simulation, strategy, and roguelike games are among the top PC genres in terms of sales.