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Blanc is a cute puzzle game reminiscent of the fox and the dog, it takes two

Today’s Nintendo Direct Mini revealed several new games coming to Switch in the near future, and it also served as a springboard to provide more details on remakes and remastered editions for popular sagas, such as Pac-Man Re-Pac and Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. This specific Nintendo Direct was also a partner showcase, and one of the games announced was White – a nice cooperative adventure that follows the story of a wolf cub and a fawn, published by Gearbox. The gist of the story in White is that the wolf cub and the fawn cross paths at a time when they are both in distress, because a heavy snowstorm has separated them from their respective families.


The animals are an unlikely pair, but they always seem to develop a tender friendship throughout the game, and they each end up using their own strengths to continue exploring the snowy lands in search of their families. With that in mind, WhitePuzzle mechanics combined with cooperative gameplay are very reminiscent of the award-winning game It takes two from Hazelight Studios, which allowed players to use character abilities to their advantage while progressing through stages. On the other hand, WhiteThe setting of and its protagonists are also very close to those of an old Disney animated film called The fox and the hunting dogwhich featured a particular pair as the main characters.

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Why Blanc is a mix of It Takes Two and The Fox and The Hound

The resemblance between White and It takes two is purely gameplay-based, as the former is a story of friendship, while the latter is a story of a divorced couple rediscovering love for life and each other. It takes two often involves the characters, referred to as May and Cody, overcoming obstacles by working together and helping each other, which also acts as a narrative development as they begin to realize what they can accomplish together and what there is to love each other. White apparently works on a similar level, with the wolf cub being able to squeeze through tight passages and the fawn being capable of nimble leaps.

The animals in White can help each other progress through the snowy wilderness by combining their abilities, which is a common gameplay flow in cooperative multiplayer games, and that’s something It takes two don’t be afraid either. Yet wolves and fawns are generally predators and prey in the wild, respectively, and that’s precisely what the basic plot of The fox and the hunting dog is. The fox and the hunting dog was originally a novel written by Daniel P. Mannix, and it told the story of the hate-fueled relationship between a bloodhound and a red fox.

In the Disney film, the two animals meet in their first year of life and immediately become friends, not knowing that the nature of the dog, named Copper, will be to hunt down foxes like his friend, Tod. As the animals grow, events ensue that cause them to become separated, until Tod is hunted by Copper and his master, to save their lives when a grizzly bear attacks them. In the same way, White has the fawn that instinctively cares for the wolf cub, not knowing that in the wild, wolves hunt fawns and other animals for survival.

It will be interesting to see what other similarities are spotted once this game is released by Gearbox, but the connections that can be made between White and The fox and the hunting dog so far are certainly interesting.

White will launch on PC and Nintendo Switch in February 2023.

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