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Bleach: Brave Souls mobile game is coming to PS4 – News

KLabit’s Bleach: brave souls game launched on PlayStation 4 in more than 148 countries and regions around the world on Tuesday, after a delay from its originally scheduled release in 2021. The game supports controllers and cross-play with other versions.

The game is available digitally in areas where the PlayStation The store is accessible. The game includes seven languages: Japanese, English, French, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Thai.

KLab released the action role-playing game for iOS and Android devices in Japan in July 2015 and worldwide in January 2016. The game is free to play with in-app purchases. The game reached 25 million downloads worldwide in October 2017, and it has over 55 million downloads worldwide. The game launched on PC in August 2020 worldwide except for mainland China. Players can access the PC version in the same regions as the original smartphone game. The PC version offers controller compatibility, high-quality graphics, and support for multiple devices.

Other smartphone games in the Bleach franchise include Bleach: Immortal Soul, Bleach: Paradise Lost, BLEACH Kyo・Kai-Tamashinokakusei: Shinigami (Bleach: Boundary Awakened Souls – Shinigami), and Bleach: Soul Risinglaunched in March 2020, September 2017, November 2018 and September 2020 respectively.

The New TV Anime Based On The “Thousand Year Blood War” Arc From Tite Kuboit’s Bleach the manga will be released in October 2022 on Tokyo Television and its associates. The anime will cover the rest of the original manga until its end.

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