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Blizzard Entertainment “Diablo Immortal” Reaches 20 Million Installs: F2P Mobile Game Achieves Another Milestone

Blizzard Entertainment has just reached another milestone with one of its free games, “Diablo Immortal”, reaching 20 million installs. The Action RPG game was able to change initial negative thoughts regarding the game due to “end-game heavy monetization issues”.

‘Diablo Immortal’ got $24 million a few weeks after its launch

According to GameRanx history, when the game first launched, it was received quite negatively. This was because the game still had many late-game monetization issues that were not very well received.

Despite launching with issues, the game still managed to achieve commercial success. The first two weeks of the game’s launch reportedly brought in revenue of $24 million.

The game was able to see 10 million installs after only a week since its launch

To top it off, in just about a week since the game launched, it has been able to see over 10 million installs. The game recently reached a milestone in terms of the number of “Diablo Immortal” downloads.

Blizzard Entertainment recently took him to Twitter to announce the new milestone of being able to reach 20 million total views across all different platforms. The free-to-play model was one of the factors that helped the game reach this milestone.

Blizzard hands out rewards to celebrate 20 million installs

To celebrate this new milestone, Blizzard will be offering rewards for players to claim. According to a GamesRadar article, the rewards will include a legendary crest, gold, and other rewards.

According to Blizzard’s new boss Mike Ybarra, most “Diablo Immortal” players don’t spend any money when playing the game, and its monetization officially kicks off when the endgame finally happens.

The company’s new boss explains how the game approaches monetization

According to Ybarra, “monetization happens at the end of the game”. To explain, the new boss said that the main philosophy is that excellent gameplay should be top of mind to ensure that hundreds of players can enjoy the game without spending.

Ybarra also noted that “Diablo Immortal” also acts as a great introduction to “Diablo” as a whole. The game is available not only for mobile players but also for PC games.

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The game was not released in two European countries due to certain laws

Activision Blizzard also posted an update on their website saying, “Skarn, Lord of Damnation has gathered his battle-hungry forces in anticipation of your imminent arrival in Sanctuary.”

Prior to the game’s release, the company said that microtransactions would not dominate the core gameplay. A few days later, the game announced that it would not be launched in two different European countries due to certain laws against gambling and boxes as well as play-to-win complaints.

Despite the in-game microtransactions, the game still managed to hit another milestone by hitting 20 million downloads.

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