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Block Em is a new platform and puzzle game from Wimasima

Swedish independent developer Wimasima revealed Block Em, a new platform and puzzle game. It should be released on consoles and PC in 2022.

Wimasima was eager to share the details of their big 2022 project, Block Em, after joining the Aurora Punks collective last month. Block Em is a fast paced block building board game for two to four players. The controls are simple, but the path to success is difficult: be the first to reach the goal or be the last to stand. Block Em, the most interesting, combines platform and puzzles.

The Wimasima team wants to go back to the simplicity of older games while adding a modern twist. The team members come from diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of interests in life and the gaming world. This distinct blend is their strength as they want to produce games for the widest possible audience.

We started to create Block Em as a school project at the end of last year. After winning all the prizes we could win in the school competition, we wanted to share the gaming experience with a wider audience, ”said Winston Spångberg, co-founder of Wimasima.

He adds: “Block Em is immediate fun for all ages, both at home and at a party. We want to instill a sense of joy and excitement by adding retro-inspired controls that are easy to learn but hard to master in a modern multiplayer platform, and we hope gamers feel included in our vision! “

You can build, jump, and push the rest of the players to the victory, but be careful. All players can undo each other’s progress. Block Em supports up to four players for each game in local and online multiplayer. So gather friends, challenge them or face them within the family.

If you are interested in this indie game, you can already add it to your Steam wishlist directly here.

Watch the reveal trailer below!

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