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Bloodborne fan gives video game a Samurai Jack makeover

A fan re-imagines the bloody and cosmic story inspired by the horror of Bloodborne in a fan animation in the style of Samurai Jack.

While Transmitted by blood players still expect a 60fps upgrade, one fan gave the game a makeover with a Samurai Jack-style animation piece.

Posted on Twitter by artist Anthony Berardo, the small animation montage re-imagines Transmitted by bloodYharnam’s world as if it were an animated series. Filled with iconic characters and monsters from the game, the art style in particular resembles series such as Jack Samurai. This is confirmed later in the animation credits which indicate that the works of Genndy Tartakovsky were the inspiration for the play.

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Tartakovsky is best known for a variety of shows on Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, including Dexter’s lab and Super girls. Tartakovsky’s series is more relevant to Berardo’s animation Jack Samurai and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which also include combat by arms.

While the animation converts Transmitted by blood ‘s art style into something more cartoonish, it doesn’t shy away from the grim, ghoulish imagery the Soulslike game is known for. The Hunter’s weapon can still be seen covered in uncensored blood, and many creatures such as the Beast Cleric and Vicar Amelia still look particularly monstrous.

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The game’s cosmic horror designs come from the mind of Hidetaka Miyazaki, who is also referenced as inspiration in the credits. Miyazaki himself took inspiration from the work of HP Lovecraft when designing Yharnam and The Hunters Nightmare, filling the game with infuriating and almost incomprehensible beings. One of those creatures is the Presence of the Moon, the final boss of the game, which was included by Berardo in their animation at around 10 seconds.

If you want to check out the source material behind this sleek animation, you can find Transmitted by blood on PlayStation 4. Rumors have been circulating for months that the game is coming to PlayStation 5 and PC, but at the time of writing, developer FromSoftwae has yet to confirm a port.

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