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Caitlyn Joins Mobile Games List With Updated Model


  • Caitlyn is coming soon as part of patch 2.5a
  • She sports an updated look and model in “Wild Rift”, although her abilities should remain for the most part the same.
  • Jayce will also be coming to “Wild Rift” soon.

After months of rumors and speculation, AD Marksman Caitlyn is finally added to the “Wild Rift” roster alongside Jayce in the upcoming patch 2.5a.

The Last update will introduce the champions of Piltovian to the game’s growing roster of playable characters as it slowly catches up with the PC version of “League of Legends”. As with the other champions of the mobile version, Caitlyn and Jayce received cleaner models, although the former seems to have had a lot more work to do.

Caitlyn in “Wild Rift” sports a noticeably different look than her PC counterpart. Her quirky, outdated design has been modernized to match current Riot Games standards, changing her frilly and revealing dress into something better suited for a high-ranking law enforcement official.

Caitlyn’s new model for League of Legends Wild Rift Photo: Riot Games

The sheriff’s new look isn’t far removed from his original appearance. Caitlyn kept her iconic top hat and purple pattern, but she now wears leggings, a fabric gorget and a dress that is much less overdone than her original model.

This new character model may indicate that Caitlyn’s PC counterpart will receive the same treatment. The character design and aesthetics are mostly consistent between “Wild Rift” and the original “League of Legends”, although the former has the benefit of having improved character models since Riot had to rebuild. the game from scratch.

Riot Games has not revealed Caitlyn’s full kit for “Wild Rift” at the time of writing, but most of her abilities are expected to remain the same or with only minor differences from her PC version.

For those who don’t know, Caitlyn is a sniper champion with the longest base auto-attack range in “League of Legends”. His playstyle consists of bombarding enemies with his basic attacks, controlling the battlefield with traps, and taking out targets with a single powerful blow from his long-range ultimate.

Along with the new champions, patch 2.5a will also add the Bewitching skin for Janna and the Underworld skins for Twisted Fate and Wukong. Fans can also expect the usual rollout of balance changes that accompany each patch.

Caitlyn will be playable on “Wild Rift” starting November 9th.