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Charming puzzle game ‘Please Fix the Road’ is coming June 2022

The charming and colorful puzzle game Please fix the road will be coming to Steam and GOG in June 2022 – and strangely, a special edition is being created for villains hacking the game.

Please fix the road is the first Steam release from the indie developer Ariel Jurkowski. It basically uses the “routing” type of gameplay from classics like Blowjob Mania to give players a single mission: fix the roads and get people moving again. Check out the trailer!

Interestingly, Jurkowski takes a rather rare approach to combating game piracy. Although he doesn’t quite tell people to hack his game as loop hero developers have done this recently, a special edition will be released on launch day with unique features.

“The pirate version will have all launch levels, but no updates”, read a tweet from game developer Ariel Jurkowski. “There are no conditions attached. There is an additional [pirate-themed] song at the start, changed intro sequence, a pirate face instead of the cogwheel options icon[,] and a request in the options menu to buy the game. Cheers!”

Other games have taken somewhat different approaches to hacking. The developers of Game Developer Tycoon achieved a level of notoriety for rigging the pirated version of the game to be nearly unwinnable, a feature that was later added as an option to the game. Other developers would tend to follow a similar pattern as Jurkowski, taking the time to include some sort of silly Easter egg and pleading with the people who hacked it to buy the game.

When is the Please fix the road Release date?

the Please fix the road the release date has yet to be announced as posted on Reddit. However, the game will be released in June 2022 on PC. A price has yet to be announced.

This cute little puzzle game sure looks like a lot of fun! If you want to check it, you can add Please fix the road to your wishlist on Steam and GOG. You’ll be able to play this new puzzle game next month — in the meantime, you can follow its developer on Twitter for updates.