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Check Out the Gameplay of the Upcoming “Hogwarts Legacy” Video Game

Gameplay footage has been released for the upcoming video game

Gameplay footage has been released for the upcoming “Hogwarts Legacy” video game.

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Gameplay footage has been released for “Hogwarts Legacy,” a new open-world video game set in the world of the “Harry Potter” series.

First announced in 2020, “Hogwarts Legacy” is among the most anticipated video games of the year and is expected to release during the holiday season. It will be available for PlayStation5, PlayStation4, PlayStation4 Pro, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Until the March 17 State of Play broadcast by PlayStation, little was known about the gameplay. Over 1.5 million people have already watched the nearly 23-minute clip, which showcases everything the game has to offer.

Viewers get a glimpse of Hogwarts castle, including the Great Hall, common rooms, classrooms and other iconic locations you know from the ‘Harry Potter’ books and movies.

However, you won’t see Harry Potter himself. The game is set in the 1800s, which means Harry, his friends, family, and teachers won’t be introduced.

Instead, players will control a fifth year student who is new to Hogwarts. They will be able to customize the character and then take part in daily school activities, including flying on a broomstick, brewing potions and dueling with their classmates.

Plot details reveal that the main character will be “on a collision course with a goblin rebellion”, which will threaten the wizarding world.

A video game journalist called “Hogwarts Legacy” a “essentially a dream game for Harry Potter fans.”

Those who have watched the new footage seem to agree, commenting on social media about their excitement.

But there are still some controversies about the game, especially regarding the creator of the world, JK Rowling. The author has repeatedly tweeted transphobic rhetoric in recent years, and some “Harry Potter” fans have abandoned the franchise over his stances.

The developers said the story featured in the game was not Rowling’s, but her team was involved to ensure “Hogwarts Legacy” stays true to the rewarding world.

“However, it is still difficult for any trans person to watch any element of the Harry Potter franchise and not see the evil that continues to be perpetuated by the woman who created it,” Jessie Earl wrote. for Gamespot. “I loved listening to Harry Potter audiobooks for comfort, but now I can’t turn them on without remembering a woman who actively challenged the reality of my existence and stood up for evil towards my community.”

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