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Chill Neon Puzzle Game Triversal now available on Steam

Triversal is a relaxing puzzle game that involves connecting ties together, moving a glowing orb, and landing in the center of a black hole.

Phantom Compass, the developer of RPG pinball Rolls of the kingdom, came back with Triversal, a neon-drenched puzzle game about gem attachment and trippy black holes that’s out now on Steam. Triversal joins a growing number of casual puzzle games with hundreds of individual challenges to complete over time. The genre has flourished on mobile devices, where simple touch controls and the convenience of playing on a phone make it a daily staple for many who don’t consider themselves gamers in the traditional sense, but some continue. to give PC gamers something to have fun with. .

While this is usually a mobile hangout, there are plenty of PC puzzle games that generate a lot of play among the audience that goes through the levels in a mobile version of Bejeweled on the regular. This style of puzzle game reached its peak thanks to the developer of this game Popcap and its sequel to occasional hits. Of Peggle To Chuzzle, a few years ago every desktop had at least one confusing experience installed and running in the background. As smartphones have taken over, these types of games have migrated to Android and iOS as PC puzzles like Portal took over the genre.

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In this direction, Triversal is a bit of a throwback, providing a unique puzzle experience on To smoke for $ 12, starting today. Playing is as easy as tying gems with fasteners and watching them move, but it also promises a challenge as players acclimatize to the deceptively simple mechanic. The goal is to get the glowing orb directly above the black hole (like the opposite of Donut Countyhole-oriented gameplay). Of course, it gets more difficult as things go on. Neon graphics and a relaxing soundtrack enhance Triversalthe pick-up-and-play call of.

As a complete PC game, Triversal is designed to take advantage of everything Steam has to offer, including the remote play functionality. With this feature, puzzling veterans can use the touch controls they might be used to on their phone, tablet, or touchscreen device. The game also supports traditional keyboard and mouse layouts in addition to gamepads, leaving no options out.

Developer Phantom Compass has also introduced a new feature it calls Streamer Assist for Twitch streamers who want to share their Triversal gameplay with viewers. Toggle the feature on each option’s labels on the board with a number, allowing chat users to identify where the streamer should place the next tether. This is a non-service-based feature, meaning it will work whether the player streams to Twitch, YouTube, or even to a smaller community on Discord.

It’s cool to see a puzzle game like Triversal PC debut on mobile, although it seems obvious on either platform. It’s also nice to see a puzzle that isn’t immediately reminiscent of a popular format, as the world has far too many setups for match-three and Tetris-falling block action style as it is. Triversal isn’t going to set the world on fire, but anyone who appreciates a new take on the genre and a 1980s vibe should probably find themselves drawn to the newly launched title.

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Triversal is available now on PC.

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