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Chrono Cross Mobile Game Crossover Leak Could Be More Proof Remake Rumors Are True

The leak of details regarding a planned crossover between Chrono Cross and the free-to-play mobile game Another Eden is fueling speculation about the remake.

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Rumor mill spinning faster and faster for potential JRPG classic remake Chrono Croix. Details have been leaked regarding the Chrono Croix potential developer of the remake, when it might be announced, and even the return of some musical talent. However, despite the variety of information leaks about Chrono Croix, some still find it difficult to believe in the existence of the remake. A new leak can change that, as there appears to be a Chrono Croix crossover event planned for mobile gaming Another Eden.

Another Eden: the cat beyond time and space is a free-to-play mobile RPG, although it has recently been ported to PC and is also slated for the Nintendo Switch. Like many free-to-play mobile RPGs, Another Eden is a gacha game, which means players rely on random reels to acquire characters that they will use in the game. This is where the Chrono Croix the cross between. The leaked data suggests that an upcoming event will allow Another Eden players to acquire Chrono Croix characters.


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The leak, first shared in the Reddit community for Another Eden, says the crossover material found in the game files is robust. Suffice it to say that this is not an accident or fragments of a canceled event. There are scripts that mention the output of Chrono Croix characters including Serge, Kid, Harle and even the trigger of a stopwatchit is Lucca. Another Eden will also receive additional story content for the Chrono Croix collaboration.

As to why Chrono Croix would cross with Another Eden, the mobile game was written and directed by Masato Kato. Kato is, of course, written the trigger of a stopwatch and directed / wrote Chrono Croix. Despite this, for Another Eden have a Chrono Croix crossover would require approval from Square Enix. This is where the link lies which leads some to consider this proof of the Chrono Croix remake being a reality.

The long and the short is that a Chrono Croix and Another Eden The collaboration means that Square Enix and Masato Kato are working together again. Specifically, they are working together on something related to Chrono Croix. Kato’s involvement wouldn’t be necessary for Square Enix to remake Chrono Croix, but the fact that they are potentially logged in again implies that something more is happening.

If the Chrono Croix the remake is real, so it doesn’t look like fans will have to wait long to find out more. Rumor has it that the remake will be announced in December as part of a PlayStation event. It’s always a strange situation to make a Chrono Croix redo before one the trigger of a stopwatch redo, but it seems to have some basis in the truth.

Chrono Coss is rumored to be in development for multiple platforms.

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