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Cozy Puzzle Game A Little Left Features of the Day from the Developers

You don’t need me to tell you that the past few years have been a stressful time. As the world gets worse, millions and millions of people are turning to video games for escape.

While different genres appease different people, recently more casual puzzlers, like Unpackingattracted a lot of attention.

These titles take what would typically be a mundane task, like moving and unpacking your things, and turn them into relaxing and satisfying experiences.

A little to the left is the next game to fall into this genre and it was recently spotlighted as part of the Day of the Devs tenth anniversary live stream at Summer Game Fest.


Announced almost a year ago, A little to the left sees you organizing and decluttering a home in a very Unpacking mode.. The game features over 75 different puzzles and is inspired by the developers real-life house, Max Inferno.

The new Day of the Devs trailer takes a closer look at the title with Max Inferno sharing details on exactly what inspired the puzzle, including their cat!

Although the tasks might seem simple, like organizing spoons, pencils, or post-it notes, Max Inferno says the puzzles will require “more surreal logic as the game progresses.”

Along with the more difficult puzzles, players will have to navigate the game while being interrupted by a pesky cat who, as cats like to do, will ruin all your hard work.

A little to the left is set to release on Nintendo Switch and PC later this year and can be wishlisted on Steam now. A demo is also available for players to relax and test their organizational skills.