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Critically acclaimed puzzle game series Monument Valley finally gets PC release date

Indie developer Ustwo Games announces the PC version of Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2, both optimized for widescreen and mouse controls.

Android and iOS have no shortage of great puzzle games. But when it comes to memorable puzzle games that have continued to be beloved over the years, very few can match the Monument Valley series from the London studio Ustwo Games. Although the series has been around for a while now, it still appears on most sites’ recommendations for the best puzzle games for mobile devices. Monument Valley will also receive a new breath of life soon, as the series is being ported to PC.


The Monument Valley series consists of two games: Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2. The first game was released in 2014 for iOS and Android devices, before appearing on Windows Phone devices a year later. Ustwo then followed up with a sequel in 2017, and the two Monument Valley The games have since collectively won 29 awards, including the BAFTA British Game Award 2015 and The Game Awards Best Mobile Game 2017. Both games have also been downloaded 100 million times worldwide.

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The PC version of Monument Valley will come as part of the Monument Valley: Panoramic Collection. The trailer of Monument Valley: Panoramic Collection shows that it won’t just be regular ports of the mobile version, as Ustwo has optimized both games for the widescreen format. The PC version of Monument Valley will even support ultra-wide screens with an aspect ratio of 21:9, and the developer thinks this can really help players uncover secrets in the game as they will have more noticeable visuals than in the mobile version .

In Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2, players take on the role of silent protagonists as they traverse impossible environments and illusory puzzles. The gameplay mainly revolves around landscape manipulation by pushing, pulling, clicking, lifting, lowering and a few more satisfying mechanics which have all been fully optimized for mouse controls. Apart from the simple yet addictive gameplay, both games are also highly praised for cleverly marrying the minimalistic art style with soothing music to create a meditative experience.

Monument Valley: Panoramic Collection and Monument Valley 2: Panoramic Collection will be available on Steam from July 12. They will cost $7.99 each and will include their associated DLC packs: Forgotten Shores and Ida’s Dream for the first game, and The Lost Forest for Monument Valley 2. PC players will also have the option of purchasing both games as a bundle at a 15% discount.

Monument Valley: Panoramic Collection and Monument Valley 2: Panoramic Collection arrive on PC on July 12.

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