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Dead by Daylight devs reveal Jurassic World mobile game

Behavior Interactive, developer of Dead by Daylight, has unveiled its new Jurassic World Primal Ops mobile game.

The free action-adventure game has players as managers aiming for peace between humans and dinosaurs (will they ever learn?). Players will use their combat skills to save dinosaurs from enemies and then fight alongside them.

The trailer below shows plenty of fights, as well as a nice variety of dinosaurs to acquire. I have to catch them all, I guess.

Players will save dinosaurs from extinction as they travel across North America and save them from mercenaries, poachers and evil science labs. The rescued dinosaurs then bring a new dynamic to the fight with unique abilities.

It’s a change of pace for the developer of Dead by Daylight, although there are still plenty of killers and survivors here – just with more teeth.

The game will be released on iOS and Android, and will be available “soon”. With the release of the new Jurassic Park Dominion movie on June 10th, this game is surely not far behind.

“We are extremely proud of Jurassic World Primal Ops, and we firmly believe that players will love it. The game offers a new and unique mobile gaming experience in the Jurassic World universe, and the twist on collecting dinosaurs offers a ton of varied gameplay,” said Jason Millena, Senior Creative Director at Behavior Interactive.

“Since the beginning of the Jurassic World franchise, we’ve embarked on a journey that evolves this fantastic relationship between dinosaurs and humans. It’s exciting to show how not only do they coexist peacefully, but how they can work together to save lives. ‘other dinosaurs.’

For even more dinosaur fun, Jurassic World Evolution 2 is now available on Xbox Game Pass. And is Dino Crisis on its way to PS Plus?