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‘Death Stranding’ is coming to PC Game Pass this week [Trailer]

Supermassive Games is once again diving into horror with their upcoming project, which will no doubt please fans of their recent efforts in The careerand in progress The Dark Pictures Anthology.

Talk with Chronicle of video gamesSupermassive Games Studio Director Will Byles said the team’s next horror project will be roughly the same scale as The careerwith a targeted release of 2025 or 2026. “We have started working on [the next game]. I can’t really tell you much about it, but we started. Again, it’s the same kind of horror genre, we’re sticking with it. It is equivalent in size to The career…and that’s about all I can say without giving too much away.

Byles hinted at what can be seen as a departure from what Supermassive Games had done with their horror games in the past. “I don’t know how much further we can stretch the teenage horror because especially when we try to stoke it, the number of surprises you can add to it becomes limited. dark pictures explores hundreds of variations of the horror genre. What we’re looking at now, and I can’t tell you exactly what it is, is a bit of a diversion away from that kind of norm, but it’s still classic horror.

And for those who enjoyed seeing genre favorites appear in The career, Byles says Supermassive will do the same with this project. He also thinks it won’t be long before major Hollywood actors join the party.

“I don’t think it’s far. It’s mostly about how many days we have them, because it’s very expensive, and it takes a long time to shoot. So it becomes a bit of a problem,” he explained. “Also, when you get someone like Tom Cruise, it becomes what could be the budget for an entire game just on him. So it’s going to come down to that.

The careerwho understands the tastes of Ted Raimi, David Arquette, Lance Henriksenand Lin Shayeis available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC by steam. The next entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology, The devil in me, arrives November 18. And check out our recent preview of The devil in me.