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Half-life: Alyx

This year has been mostly bad for everyone – and that’s something that’s usually said in a very hyperbolic way because a few celebrities have passed away or whatever, but in 2020 it seems fitting for once – but it wasn’t. not without silver linings. We have a new Half-life Game! If you’re not lucky enough to have a relatively high-end PC and VR setup, that silver liner doesn’t apply to you. What a brutal year.

For those lucky few though, Half-life: Alyx was worth the wait. (And that in itself can be hyperbolic because 13 years is a very long time to wait for a video game.) It’s a high profile showcase of the best in virtual reality. It is also incredibly good Half-life Game. Swapping out protagonists and strapping on a helmet didn’t force Valve to compromise on quality. It only made things worse.

Yes, Allyx gives us a continuation of this sweet sweet Half-life tradition, but its legacy lies in the efficiency with which it transports players to City 17. The worry of meeting a Vortigaunt for the first time. The tense, tactile way you reload Alyx’s humble arsenal of weapons. Crush an Antlion Grub cartridge in a health post, then watch the pins prick your hands to instantly heal you on the verge of death.

You feel like you’re in Alyx’s shoes, and that’s exactly what Valve set out to accomplish. Half-lifeThe world of is all the more magical the more you are immersed. VR makes all of this possible by really making you feel the whole game. It also helps that Half-life: Alyx basically came with the assurance that we get a Half-Life 3 at some point … if you believe Valve won’t let us hang from an unbearable cliffhanger again.

If you know, you know. If you don’t, I’m so sorry. This is the gift and the curse of virtual reality. You have to see it to believe it. But if you know then you understand why Half-life: Alyx is our PC Game of the Year 2020.

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