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Developers discuss AAA mobile game for main and casual Marvel fans

Earlier today, Marvel Games and Netmarble opened pre-registrations for their upcoming open-world AAA mobile game Marvel Future Revolution.

To find out more, Twinfinite chatted with Marvel Games Creative Director Bill Rosemann, Marvel Games Production Director Danny Koo, Netmarble US President Simon Sim, and Netmarble Executive Producer Joe Lee.

Q: You said that you have new content planned after release, and there’s no question that free mobile games live or die at the rate of content declines. What kind of cadence do you have in mind?

A: I think it’s going to have to vary, but I don’t want players to wait too long. I would say a good 5-6 week pace would be what I would call a nice pace.

Q: Especially in Korea, I have seen a lot of mobile games that launch on both smartphones and PCs. Are you also planning to switch to PC, or maybe even consoles? Those kind of visuals wouldn’t be bad at all on PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch.

A: We have a lot! (Laughs)

Q: Of course you do! (Laughs)

A: Glad you compare this game to a console quality title because these graphics on a mobile game are amazing, but for now we’re focusing on a mobile-only version. Who knows what the future holds, but for now, this is a mobile exclusive title.

Q: Since this is an online multiplayer game, I imagine you are aiming for a social experience. What communication channels will players have in the game to talk to and coordinate with each other?

A: Of course there will be a cat in the game and then we will have basic social elements like alliances or guilds and all that sort of thing.

We’ll also be providing fun ways to talk to each other outside of the app, like Forums and Discord.

Q: The game takes place in an open world. How do you make the transition from that to the fashions you announced today?

A: About 85% of the gameplay takes place in the open world where you are with all the other players at the same time. Then, some modes are a bit like instanced dungeons in other games. You basically take the Omega Flight jet and get transported there.

Marvel Future Revolution

Q: After the initial announcement, you have been very quiet for a whole year. Was it due to the pandemic that slowed development, or you simply chose to work away from the spotlight?

A: The team just spent their normal development time creating a game that can meet expectations. Marvel fans have high expectations for a Marvel product, and we wanted it to be the best game we could make.

Q: We certainly know they do. They are possibly one of the most demanding fan bases in the world.

A: Let me assure you that publicly we were silent, but behind the scenes we were working really hard every day to create a game of a very high standard, and a game that Marvel fans not only ask for, but deserve.

Marvel Future Revolution

Q: Would you say this is probably one of the most ambitious mobile games ever made?

A: There’s a reason it’s called “Revolution”.

This means that we have developed some very innovative features, and we think it is going to be very attractive. That’s why we called it a “Revolution”.

A Marvel title with that visual fidelity and open world experience, we think it will be largely appealing.

Q: This game seems a bit more focused on basic gaming experience compared to regular mobile games. Specifically, it seems like a more hands-on experience than many other games that rely on heavy automation. Still, at least in the west, there’s the challenge that grassroots gamers tend to have a bit of resistance to mobile games. How are you going to try to overcome this challenge?

A: We want this game to be a welcoming experience for all Marvel fans, whether they are experienced gamers or casual gamers. Of course, your playstyle and lifestyle may vary, but we want this game to be the first point of contact for console gamers to seriously try to play a mobile game, but also to bring casual gamers into the game. that kind of experience. Basically we would like to bring the two extremes together.

Q: It’s a convergence.

A: (Laughs) Open world games are starting to gain acceptance among mobile experiences in general. We have been preparing for the arrival of this time for many years. Basic gamers will appreciate its super high fidelity, but we’ve also spent a lot of time creating an onboarding experience so that casual Marvel fans can enjoy this game. We have been working on the mobile experience for a long time and we are putting all our experience in this game.

Q: On the other hand, will there be some sort of automation for gamers used to playing hands-off in mobile games?

A: You will know very soon whether we have some sort of automation or not, but this is the kind of game that we want players to come back to every day for a long time. Of course, we have a lot of real gameplay for hands-on experience because we think it’s a must. Still, I’d say it’s as hopefully as fatigue-free, in a way, as it gets. We would like to have a nice experience with a bit of everything.

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