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Discord and Skype could hamper the performance of Ubisoft’s PC games

Ubisoft claims that a number of popular PC applications, including Discord and Skype, can “interfere” with the proper functioning of its games.

The developer recently shared their guidelines on “disabling background apps” on Twitter, telling gamers that “if you’re having performance issues or crashing when playing on a PC, third-party software may be the underlying cause.” To work around these issues, the company explains that restarting your system cleanly or temporarily disabling applications can help identify which programs are causing the problems.

To help gamers identify potential causes, Ubisoft has released a list of third-party software that it says is “likely” to interfere with its games. Unfortunately, that’s a pretty long list, ranging from some mildly specialized programs to some extremely popular ones.

Voice apps and video chat services like Skype, Discord, and TeamSpeak are likely to be especially popular among fans of Ubisoft’s multiplayer games like The Division 2 or Rainbow Six Siege. The f.lux blue light reduction program is on the list, along with the popular OBS streaming app. Given the popularity of these programs, Ubisoft claims that they could adversely affect performance.

Perhaps the most unfortunate offenders are programs like Razer Synapse and SteelSeries Engine, software used to help manage devices from some of the most popular hardware manufacturers. It should be noted that Ubisoft says its list is “not exhaustive”, so other programs may cause problems as well.

Ubisoft’s advice isn’t necessarily to stop using these programs altogether, but it does suggest that you’ll want to check if they’re affecting performance. If so, in some cases you might just be able to mute programs while you play, but in others – especially streaming or voice software like OBS or Discord – it could be much more disruptive.

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