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Disrupt and Create a Digital Solution to Credit Card Debt with Jason Saltzman

KJ Helms, host of the Disruption Disruption podcast and veteran communications disruptor, talks to Jason Saltzman, a serial social entrepreneur, who has been disrupting the industry for over a decade. The active mentor and angel investor discusses toxic debt and how to get financial relief.

TAMPA BAY, Florida., July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Despite paying off a record amount of credit card debt in 2020, nearly $83 billion, consumers have returned to their pre-pandemic habits. They added more $86 billion new debts in 2021 and started 2022 barely repaying $13.2 billion of their credit card balances so far this year.(1) With recent interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve, the balances Americans carry will continue to rise.(2)

Karla Jo HelmsDisruption/Interruption podcast host, request Jason Saltzman if a digital solution is the answer to help people get out of their mountains of debt that have plagued their mental well-being for too long.

“The system is gamified, every time you turn on the TV our whole country is set up to sell you something and you want a life that a lot of people can’t afford and extending credit gives you the opportunity to ‘get something you can’t afford,’ says Saltzman. “Even look at those lifestyle Visa and Master Card ads they’re selling to people. It’s like oh shit I want this! But I don’t have the money to pay for it! Now you do! With credit, we’re your best friend, but that comes with big shackles.”

Jason Saltzman actions:
The main ingredient of disruption is caring about the people you create value for. Money is a receipt of value. While the debt solutions are simple, the problem is extremely complex.

Credit card debt disproportionately affects marginalized communities of color because not only has there been a lack of financial education, but some of the world’s largest creditors with the highest interest rates are targeting these communities.

Credit card debt rose during the pandemic as the government began printing capital and giving it to people in need. Because people had access to more capital, their savings skyrocketed and this prompted creditors to extend more credit.

Last quarter, the National Credit Card Debt recorded the highest credit card balances in debt history, with America’s average credit card interest rate topping today’s today 29%.

The name of the game is getting very expensive credit into the hands of people who don’t understand how to use it. In fact, some of the highest individual balances are for people with higher education, such as doctors, lawyers, etc. who, despite their extra years of education, may never have learned how to manage their money or their credit.

One of the main reasons Saltzman started the Relief app is to normalize the problem of credit debt and restore people’s dignity. “All debt is stigmatized and has systemic ramifications,” he says. “Today, one in three Americans has an account that has fallen behind.”

Depending on the individual’s current situation, the Relief app will make every option available to those using the app to talk to their creditor and find a solution.

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About Jason Saltzmann:
CEO and co-founder of the Relief application, Jason Saltzman is a serial social entrepreneur with a passion for empowering others. He has been supporting, investing and founding disruptive startups for over a decade. Prior to starting Relief, Saltzman was CEO of Alley, a startup incubator he founded in 2012. Relief was created out of his passion project: the need for a digital solution to crushing credit card debt .

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