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Dr DisRespect launches his own video game studio, “Midnight Society”


Game streamer Dr DisRespect, from his real name Guy Beahm, goes behind the camera with the launch of its own video game studio.

The AAA studio – an informal classification in the gaming space that refers to mid-to-major publishers – is called Midnight Society. Word of the company first appeared in August. Midnight Society sees Beahm join forces with remarkable leaders, including Call of Duty creative strategist Robert bowling and Halo 5 multiplayer designer Quinn Del Hoyo, PC player reports.

Both will be co-founders, Bowling being appointed studio head and creative director of DelHoyo. Sumit gupta, a fourth co-founder, has been chosen to serve as CEO.

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Midnight Society says it’s in the process of building a player versus player title in the game engine Unreal engine, and plans to include communities and influencers earlier in the development process as a crucial point of distinction. Beahm, for his part, is prohibited from Tic, and broadcast exclusively on Youtube.

Launching a studio isn’t entirely new territory for the 39-year-old, notes PC player, given that he previously held the position of community manager and designer at Hammer games.

In addition to its founders, Midnight Society has three employees and is currently recruiting for a number of roles, which you can view here.