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Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming to PC Game Pass

Bandai Namco announces that the popular Dragon Ball FighterZ will arrive tomorrow on Xbox Game Pass alongside the release of Android 21.


Dragon Ball Fighter Z took the fighting game world by storm when developer Arc System Works translated the high-flying action of Dragon Ball Z in the signature style of the prolific fighting game studio. The popular fighting game recently passed the milestone of eight million units sold and has seen multiple “FighterZ Pass” DLC bundles since the game’s launch introducing fan-favorite characters like Broly, Videl, and Master Roshi to the game. , with a new form of Android 21 set to arrive tomorrow, Bandai Namco has officially announced a new way for fans to play alongside its release.


Since its release in early 2018, Dragon Ball Fighter Z has become one of Arc System Works’ most popular titles, drawing on the rich universe of Dragon Ball Z and create a chaotic, fast-paced fighting game that pays homage to the long-running franchise. Many fans of dragonball consider FighterZ being among the best video games to come out of the IP, and the game sports a huge esports scene, making appearances at EVO on multiple occasions. Now Bandai Namco has partnered with Microsoft to bring Dragon Ball Fighter Z to PC Game Pass.

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Bandai Namco’s digital marketing specialist John Liao made the announcement on the official Xbox website on Wednesday, confirming that Dragon Ball Fighter Z would come to PC Game Pass with the release of Android 21 tomorrow. The game was previously added to Xbox Game Pass last October exclusively for Xbox consoles, but will now also be available for PC users. The post also details some of the game’s mechanics, from its 3v3-tag combat system to specific techniques like the Super Dash.

The addition of FighterZ to Xbox Game Pass and the release of Android 21 is just the latest in a steady stream of new content the game has received since its release four years ago. The release of Android 21 has led fans to speculate that a fourth edition of the FighterZ Pass DLC could be on the way, with the previous FighterZ Pass ending with SS4 Gogeta in March last year. The announcement of a “special event” following the recent postponement of the Game World Championship Finals has also sparked rumors among avid fans of the game.

As Dragon Ball Fighter Z entering its fifth year, the game has become a celebration of all facets of the dragonball franchise. All three FighterZ passes have featured not only fan-favorite characters like Broly and Cooler, but also lesser-known movie characters and side properties like The rebirth of fusion‘s Janemba and several characters from Dragon Ball GT like Super Baby 2 and the child form of Goku. Dragon Ball Fighter Z has been hugely successful throughout its lifespan and the continued support of Arc System Works will solidify its popularity for years to come.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z is available now for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

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