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Dream Pointer is Netmarble’s new One Piece adventure mobile game heading to China

Korean game development company Netmarble announced that a new A play adventure game called One Piece: Dream Pointer will be available in China initially. Recently, Netmarble announced One Piece Odysseya Roleplay game for pc. Netmarble has had immense success with manga-based games over the past year with games like Seven capital sins and the popularity of One Piece as the strongest shonen manga and anime series around.

Meet Luffy and the Straw Hat team in a new adventure

One Piece: Dream Pointer takes place in the One Piece universe. A 3D action-adventure RPG, it aims to take users on a magnificent journey with Luffy and the Straw Hat team, who will find themselves in the Holy Land of Marie Geoise during the year 3 to 2 C after their reunion.

Picture via Netmarble

The game will run in portrait mode, just like Seven Deadly Sins. Offering over 148 minutes of gameplay, the game features a familiar combat system. Players will need to strategically use skill cards during their turns. The game has no limits, thanks to which players can move around the map, without any restrictions.

One Piece Dream Pointer is available for pre-registration in China

One Piece: Dream Pointer is now available for pre-registration in China. Players who pre-register will receive a reward of 100 diamonds and 1 recruitment ticket when the game starts. The developers haven’t given any indication of a global release, but there’s still a chance. Players can keep up to date with all the information by visiting the official website. They can also track official social media handles.

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