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Duel Mobile Game Announces Global Release Date



Street Fighter: Duel is a team-building RPG for mobile devices that has only been available in China until now, but Capcom has announced that it will be released to the world soon according to Destructoid. No specific date has been confirmed for the game on Android or iOS.

The announcement was made during a Capcom Pro Tour event where some of the best Street Fighter V: Champion Edition players from the northeastern slice of America were battling to see who could continue in the tournament.

If you are not familiar with Street Fighter: Duel, it is a mobile game very similar to The King of Fighters All-star. In these types of games, you can choose a few characters from a franchise and build a team of three to fight off hordes of enemies. You can get offensive characters like Ken or Ryu to lead the attack and have other support characters like Sakura firing projectiles from behind.

There’s a fair amount of story elements and cutscenes to go along with the gameplay. Players who have tried entering the Chinese version with an external Street Fighter: Duel APK without speaking the language have probably missed a lot. There are also original characters never seen before in the franchise who make an appearance in the story and can even be recruited.

The game is being developed by Capcom in partnership with TopJoy and Tencent Games, robot companies with a good track record in mobile games. It was originally released in November 2020 in China, and now maybe we can finally play it here.

According to Capcom’s best-selling games figures revealed last year, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition has already hit 5 million copies since launch. Be sure to come back to the site for more updates as they are revealed.