Puzzle game

Dungeon And Puzzles is a charming and effective puzzle game

I admire Dungeon and Puzzles for its efficiency. This is a sokoban puzzle game about fighting through dungeons, and it is made mostly by a person with drawn art. from that $ 10 sprite tillet. It’s also cute and smart and I had a great time playing its first 25 levels.

A brief introduction explains the rules: once you move in one direction, you cannot stop until you hit something; and enemies never attack you, even if you run around stabbing all their companions. Rather, the challenge is to use these enemies as walls to stop your momentum, smash them to pieces in the correct order, and line up with the exit for your escape.

It then begins to overlap with new abilities that force you to reconsider these rules. After the sword comes the bow and arrow, which allow you to defeat enemies from afar. You can pick up the arrow for reuse, but a dropped arrow therefore acts like a wall to stop your momentum, so you can shoot it strategically to help you move around the level. A shield lets you push enemies, gloves let you shoot them, and soon you’ll be using all of these elements in tandem to solve puzzles.

Simply completing a level is usually enough for you to progress, but you can also “master” a level by completing it under a certain number of moves, and that unlocks other rooms. There are also secret levels, over a hundred coins in total, and some nice quality-of-life things like endless cancellations and quick restarts.

It’s pretty, basically. Dungeon And Puzzles is a simple game, but it is quite charming, one of the best sokobans I have played, and it costs everything from £ 5.79 / € 8 / $ 8 on Steam.