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Ever Forward adventure puzzle game launches August 10

Pathea Games confirmed the launch of its new adventure puzzle game Ever Forward this week, announcing that the new game will be available to play on August 10, 2021 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. Ever Forward is an adventure puzzle game – this is the story of Maya. Maya is lost in a strange world somewhere between reality and imagination.

“She is alone to face her desperation on her journey of discovery, where she must unlock her memories and face her fears to unlock the secrets of the world in Ever Forward. Players will need to use their observation skills and intelligence to solve multiple puzzles in order to piece together the mystery of Maya’s past and the dark secrets she has buried.

“For over three years, our designers racked their brains designing puzzles with the ‘puzzle gamer’ in mind. Players will feel deeply challenged and motivated to solve each puzzle, and some puzzles can be completed in multiple ways to suit different types of thinkers and logical processes.

Features of the Ever Forward adventure puzzle game include:

– Players looking for adventure will find plenty of ways to stay engaged in the game, including collecting Memory Shards that unlock new areas and puzzles along the way.
-Players will engage in a beautifully created and handcrafted world that features a calming palette of futuristic colors and tones to highlight the idea that everything takes place in a dream world.
Deceptively simple to play, but difficult to master, EverForward is a game that will delight players of all skill levels and will be coming to consoles very soon.

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