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Every free puzzle game on Nintendo Switch, ranked

The puzzle genre has become popular on Nintendo Switch, with massive successes like the Untitled Goose Game and Donut County keep players busy solving entertaining levels. Switch owners who want to test their skills and try out a puzzle game don’t have to spend a single penny as there are several available for free on the eShop.

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Out of over 70 free and free titles to choose from, there are seven free puzzle games that players can download anytime. Some of these games have great mechanics, intricate puzzles, and entertaining levels that are worth checking out.

7 Angry Bunnies: Colossal Carrot Crusade

An image of 3 foxes and barrels falling in Angry Bunnies: Colossal Carrot Crusade.

Angry Bunnies: Colossal Carrot Crusade is a puzzle game where players have to find the best ways to demolish structures and run over foxes on each level. The physics-based demolition game has over 150 levels, designed to get more and more complex as the player progresses.

Angry rabbits is a fun game for the Switch, but it’s an obvious overhaul of the more popular and humorous angry Birds Games. It doesn’t add anything new to the formula as it mainly replaces birds and pigs with rabbits and foxes. The puzzles aren’t too hard to solve, and the rabbits’ special abilities don’t do much to add excitement to the gameplay. It can be fun for players who haven’t tried anything like it before, but the game’s uninspired levels are a pale imitation of the original, which is also free to download on any smartphone.

6 Lost Lands: Dark Overlord

An image of an empty front yard at night in the game Nintnendo Switch Lost Lands.

After Susan takes a phone call and turns away from her son for a split second, Jimmy is suddenly pulled into a mysterious portal, which closes before his mother can reach him. Lost Lands: Dark Overlord follows Susan through this dark and magical world, where she must solve puzzles and search for clues to find out how to get her son back.

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The game has beautiful hand-drawn visuals, which is pleasantly surprising for a free title. Its soundtrack adds to the magical atmosphere of the hidden world. The puzzles aren’t too exciting, as it’s nothing players have never seen before. For example, there are puzzles where players have to flip tiles to match pictures and others that require them to light bulbs to form constellations. On the other hand, the clue-finding aspect is fun, as there are a ton of overloaded rooms for players to browse. It’s worth checking out for gamers who want an easy puzzle game with stunning visuals.


5 War gems

An image of columns of gems and 8 character profiles on both sides of the screen in Gems of War.

War gems is a fun Switch puzzle game that requires players to match gems and skulls to power their characters and defeat their enemies. It incorporates RPG elements, as players must upgrade their troops and equip them with armor and weapons, while discovering new attacks and spells along the way. There are also various quests, guild activities, battle modes, and events that players can enjoy.

War gems is an interesting take on the genre, as it combines all the fun elements of RPGs but combines them with puzzles. This forces players to be strategic in using their mana, as it’s easy to run out of it after enough matches against other skilled players. The biggest problem with this game is that it’s extremely difficult to evolve characters without purchasing better gear or upgrading abilities through microtransactions. If the players are willing to work for hours to earn some ingots in the game, War gems can be a rewarding experience with lots of quests and other fun activities to do.

4 to go past

A screenshot of several hexagons with numbers in the middle in the Switch Hexceed game.

to go past is a challenging but also relaxing Switch game that gives a twist to the classic title it is based on (Minesweeper). Instead of a dull gray grid, it features creatively designed levels filled with hexagons for players to discover. As in the classic game, each hex will reveal the number of hidden dangers, allowing players to strategize for their next move.

The game features fun design levels, with one even made to look like a map. to go past don’t try to innovate on Minesweeper, but it improves them by making the gameplay more exciting thanks to a brilliant design. The pastel color scheme and relaxing soundtrack are an added bonus.

3 Zen color

An image showing triangles, circles and squares in the Color Zen game for Nintendo Switch.

The most relaxing free game on the eShop is without a doubt Zen color. The objective given to the player is simple: keep combining shapes of the same color until only one fills the screen. Level designs get more and more complex, eventually forcing the player to strategize (at least a little) to clear each one.

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Even in the most difficult levels, this game never gets frustrating. It’s almost impossible to get excited when there is a meditative soundtrack and relaxing sound effects accompanying every movement. The simplicity of the shapes and the overall gameplay make it a charming game for players who want to relax for a few hours.

2 Tetris 99

A screenshot of the gameplay with descending blocks in the Nintendo Switch game Tetris 99.

by Nintendo Tetris 99 is another classic game made with better graphics with a multiplayer touch. As the name suggests, gamers face 98 other users in a thrilling game. Tetris battle that ends with a single winner. During battle royale style matches, players can send trash blocks to opponents, which will slightly obscure their screen.

Have 99 Tetris games all at once is an ambitious concept for a game, but it works surprisingly well. Players need to be strategic not only about their own game, but who to target next. The excitement and tension only intensifies as more and more players are eliminated. It’s also ridiculously difficult to win against so many other players, but the thrill of trying is worth playing over and over again.

1 Pokémon Coffee Blend

A Pokémon monster laughs with a cafe worker in the Pokémon Cafe Mix game on Nintendo Switch.

Pok̩mon Coffee Blend is a wellness game that asks players to run a cafe with lovely staff. Familiar Pokemon like Charmander and Togepi help the player bake tasty treats like Eevee cakes and Diglett sandwiches. The more puzzles players complete, the more food and drink they can serve Рthe cafe can even be enlarged to attract more customers.

One of the most exciting parts of the game is the Pokémon customers who come to the cafe for dinner. Minccino can just walk in and order decaf – if it’s good enough, he might even join the staff! The real puzzles are not at all difficult, as it is quite easy to connect the faces of the Pokémon to complete the levels. This isn’t surprising, as the playful art style and laid-back cafe environment suggests that the game isn’t meant to be difficult. It’s a fun and easy puzzle game for players who aren’t really looking for something challenging.

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