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Every mobile game on Netflix is ​​definitely worth playing

A variety of mobile games are available to play on the netflix app, and some of them are very nice. There are 41 games that will eventually be available on the app, including the 19 titles that were recently announced during the Geeked Week event. All available or upcoming games are free to subscribers, and there are no ads or frustrating microtransactions to deal with.

Netflix has several subscription plans that will all allow gamers to access the mobile games section. Plans range from basic to premium and cost between $9.99 and $19.99, and each plan includes access to games through the mobile app. With nearly 20 new games being added this year and next, it might be worth starting a Netflix subscription, especially for those familiar with some of the streaming service’s popular shows. Games based on titles like The Queen’s Bet and Too hot to handle will be added to the mobile app soon, while others, such as Stranger Things: 1984are already available.


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Some of the games Netflix offers are traditional mobile games with nothing that really sets them apart, but they’re still ad-free and good for passing the time. While many games offer laid-back fun, other titles have complex storylines and interesting characters. Longer or more complex games also provide an immersive experience without the need for microtransactions to progress. There are plenty of great games out there already, and more are coming to Netflix later this year or early next year.

Netflix recently added Poinpy to its mobile app

Every Mobile Game On Netflix Is Definitely Worth Playing Poinpy

One of the newer games on Netflix is poinpy, a platform game that features unlockables, perks, and colorful creatures. Poinpy, the titular character, can be controlled by sliding in the opposite direction from where the character should jump. During the game there are different items to collect and perks to unlock. There are also monsters to avoid while trying to reach new heights. The background music is original and sounds like an upbeat song by KK Slider from animal crossing. This latest addition to the Netflix mobile game lineup is fun, addictive and full of vibrant creatures.

Spiritfarer is coming soon to Netflix

Spiritfarer Star Wars

Netflix recently announced that Spiritfarer, known for its many Easter eggs, will be available on its mobile app. The game was previously released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. This indie adventure game follows Stella and her cat, Daffodil, as they sail the sea to aid the spirits by granting their last wishes and transporting them to the Everdoor. Picking up more spirits and gathering resources will lead to ship expansions, which become necessary to fulfill the final wishes of the passengers. There are over 20 hours of content to play with Spiritfarerand the chance to get it for free on Netflix is ​​a chance not to be missed.

Netflix has two Stranger Things games

stranger things the game

There are two games based on the hit Netflix series, stranger things. The mobile games follow stories inspired by the series and unfold over multiple chapters. Stranger Things: 1984 has eight playable characters, while Stranger Things 3: the game is played with 12 players and includes multiplayer capabilities. The sequel is one of the few Netflix games to have multiplayer, and it enhances the overall experience of trying to save Hawkins.

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Both games have a retro art style reminiscent of SNES titles, and that makes them compatible with the series’ 80s aesthetic. For those familiar with the series, there are plenty of references to check out, including Eggo collectibles. However, the games are still enjoyable for gamers who haven’t watched the series, and they induce a sense of nostalgia for anyone who has played 8-bit games.

Exploding Kittens – The game is one of Netflix’s few multiplayer games

Every Mobile Game On Netflix Is Definitely Worth Playing Explosive Kittens

There aren’t many multiplayer video games currently available on the Netflix mobile app, but Explosive Kittens – The Game is a fun way to connect with friends or even random players. The deck consists of a finite number of cards in the deck and a few different categories that determine what the cards do. For example, Exploding Kitten cards can only be countered with a Diffuse category card. There are also attack cards, jump cards, and others that can be combined to steal an opponent’s hand. Matches go pretty quickly, so Explosive Kittens – The Game is ideal for taking a quick ride with a friend without it taking a lot of time.

Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle is becoming a mobile game

Every Mobile Game On Netflix Is Truly Worth Playing Too Hot To Handle

In most cases, mobile dating sims have dialogue options that must be unlocked using a currency that can only be accessed through microtransactions, and that is the worst feature. This is not the case with Netflix Too hot to handle, which is based on a reality show of the same name. In the show, the contestants have the chance to win money if they refrain from getting intimate with the other contestants. For each transgression, part of the prize money is withdrawn. The mobile game lets players experience the drama first-hand as they try to win the biggest cash prize while bonding with the other contestants. While this game isn’t for everyone, the option to choose any path without having to spend real money is a big draw and well worth a try once it’s released.

Raji: An Ancient Epic Coming Soon to Netflix

Raji An ancient epic

Another of Netflix’s upcoming new titles is an adventure shaped by Indian mythology, Raji: an ancient epic. Raji’s journey is to save his brother, Golu, from the demons who kidnapped him. As she gets closer to rescuing the only family she has left, she becomes more formidable, but so do her enemies. This title was originally released in 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The addition of a mobile version adds some convenience for those who want to play on the go. There are approximately six hours of content to read in Rajimaking it one of the longest games to come to Netflix this year.

Netflix presents itself before your eyes

Originally released as a PC adventure game in 2021, before your eyes is a great storytelling experience coming to the Netflix mobile app, and is slated for release in July 2022. The story follows Benny Brynn after he is rescued from the sea by a smuggler. Benny is unable to speak or even gesture, so he communicates by blinking, and the smuggler wants to bring Benny to the doorman to be tried. Throughout the journey, more information is revealed about Benny’s past through gameplay. This unique game uses the device’s camera to track the player’s eye movements to advance the story.

Into The Dead 2: Unleashed is an action-packed shooter on Netflix

Netflix’s first FPS game is Into the Dead 2: Unleashed, where players must fend off hordes of zombies while fighting their way through different environments. The game teases a variety of weapons and zombie-laden maps with various settings to navigate through multiple chapters as waves of undead attacks. A few different playstyles are supported depending on the type of ranged weapon players prefer. As the first FPS game on netflixthis newly added title paves the way for future shooters to be added to the mobile app.

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