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Fantastic puzzle game with 4.7 stars in the Play Store


Mystic Pillars is a magical puzzle game set in an imaginary world. The game received 4.7 stars on the Google Play Store. You can currently download the popular mobile game for Android for free – you usually have to spend $ 3.79 to download it.

In Mystic Pillars, you play as a traveler who finds himself once in the zombie kingdom of South India. However, since the appearance of the majestic pillars, the kingdom has been ravaged by drought for occult reasons.

Mystic Pillars 49 is available in 4.49 on iOS, But the game is unfortunately not for sale on the App Store.

Are the mystical pillars of mobile gaming worth it?

Mystic Pillars is a mobile game released in March 2020 for Android and iOS, but also for Nintendo Switch and PC. Reviews of the game in stores where it is available are mostly positive.

Mystic Pillars has received a 4.7-star rating based on 373 reviews on the Google Play Store. This game has been installed over 10,000 times. It does not contain ads or in-app purchases and does not require an account to work.

I downloaded the game this morning, so I didn’t play until the end. I have read the first ten steps of the first chapter. The game is very easy and intuitive to learn. You stand in front of a row of pillars from a bird’s perspective.

At the top of each column is a number similar to several gems. The game features serial numbers to follow through each level by moving gems from column to column with a simple board. But you only have a limited number of moves. It’s like Sudoku, isn’t it?

Game stages alternate with non-animated story and dialogue stages. The style of the story is interesting and I found the design of some of the characters a bit confusing at times. Overall, Mystic Pillars is very pleasing to the eye.

Mystic Pillars has a nice graphic novel feel / © Next bit

Mystic Pillars is made up of sacred cow games which describe themselves as a small group of game developers based in Bangalore, India. They say making high quality games has become their business. According to the official homepage, the team has only programmed five games so far, only two of which are for smartphones: Mystic Pillars and Drift Champions, a freemium racing game.

In Data protection The developer claims that it does not collect any personal data and that its apps do not have ad trackers.

Do you like the mystical pillars? Have you tried the mobile game before or still want to download it? Let me know in the comments!