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Flipon is a cute block-breaking puzzle game now for iOS and Android | Articles

Plug In Digital and French game developer Damien Mayance have announced that Flipon is coming to iOS and Android after a successful release on PC and Nintendo Switch last year.

Flipon is a puzzle game that combines match-3 mechanics with gravity as you work to clear an array of constantly falling blocks when you destroy them using special powers. To make matters worse, obstacles and other complications are added to the mix to shake things up and make the fast-paced gameplay even more frenetic.

You play as Kat and her team of space miners who find themselves in a dangerous solar system filled with shiny “Flipoblocks” and weird villains, and they must clear the blocks and create a safe path to escape. Here’s a trailer so you can see more of the game in action.

“With Flipon, I really wanted to make a game that my whole family could enjoy, while still providing a good challenge for regular Pon Panel / Puzzle League / Tetris Attack players,” says developer Damien Mayance. “I have worked on Steredenn: Binary Stars, Night Call or Lethis: Daring Discoverers, and I do my best to provide a refined and fun experience for players.

Flipon’s campaign features over 75 levels, which mix together a variety of game modes including objective, survival, boss battles, and puzzles. There’s also the Challenge Mode, a procedural puzzle generator that can deliver hours of immeasurable fun. The game also features a score attack mode with infinite score for a place in the online leaderboards.

You can download Flipon now from IOS App Store Where Google Play for Android. It’s a paid title that costs £ 2.99. It is also available on To smoke and Nintendo Switch.

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